Technoshamanism and conscious festivals

Technoshamanic tribal council

Have you ever wondered why we rave?  Felt lost at parties, started to feel energies, telepathy, a connectedness to ‘source’ energy while you dance?   Why are we partying?  What are we part of? What can we become?

In tribal systems, the voices of all members of the tribe are listened to and the oral tradition is the preferred way of communicating. In honouring the tribalism that festivals remind us of, we are holding a special tribal council on Saturday at One Tribe to re-member the shamanic art of dance, festivals, the electronic scene, hacker culture as a response and reaction to Babylonian constructs and emancipation for the soul!

In talking and listening circles we share our experiences, stories and contextualise the history of the free party scene.  Key members of the free party movement in Europe will be sharing their wisdom as we feed back to our communities and give an opportunity for you to also share and activate your visions for conscious raving for planetary alignment and emancipation in this new galactic year of the Yellow Crystal Seed.


Some key themes we often explore

  • What is technoshamanism
  • How did this culture come about
  • How can we take rave culture and festivals to another level?
  • Trauma
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Psycho spiritual emergences

How can conscious raving enable planetary alignment in these dystopic times?



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