Death Processes

As we upgrade our sense of being and the eternal nature of consciousness we understand that Death is not the Absolute.  Dying is the inevitable and in Western, modern society people have become frightened and dissociated from Death rather than celebrating it.  I am in service to enabling people to find dignity, peace and closure around Death with compassion and understanding.  Whether it be your own process of finding the ‘New Me’ and saying goodbye to the past model, or making sure a loved one’s spirit has passed over peacefully i offer unique fusions of modalities and ceremonies for each need, individual or community.

I work with various Death Processes (literal and symbolic dying)

dying consciously

  • As a Dying Consciously Practitioner i can assist people to begin their journey of leaving their body.  I have worked with terminally ill clients for many years and having experienced my mother leaving her body when i was 15 i believe i was gifted with an understanding of Death from a young age to assist other people to come to terms with these transitions
  • I work also with soul fragments and psychopomp techniques and ceremonies to enable lost/fragmented souls to transition – this can be particularly useful in the case of sudden accidents, suicides, drug overdoses, violent deaths etc where the person involved may have not had times to come to terms with the transition.  Sometimes family members and friends feel that someone has not passed and that they are trapped…I compassionately work with the loved ones and the deceased to ensure that important clearing and restoring of the soul fragments can take place in order for all to be at peace.
  • Ancestral clearings.   Often people carry fragments of family members along their lineage.   In the past people didn’t have therapy etc…often a lot of trauma and suffering was never expressed and increasingly i work with people who are carrying ancestral fragments for those who had no outlet to release.  These clearings can massively help align family constellations and often dissolve patterns that clients are carrying for others.



  • Large scale ancestral work – i work internationally with large-scale land clearing and spirit release.  In places where there have been massacres and large traumas the atmosphere is often very dense and energetically clogged up.   I am experienced in doing large land clearings in UK,  Ireland, Spain, the Mayan lands, Australia, Israel and more.  Sometimes i do these alone and other times in groups.

divine light academic ancestral

  • Empowering clients with their own symbolic death and rebirth processes – to let go of their less Sovereign self and to step into a new way of Being.  This will be specific for each client – it may involve quantum healing, natural medicines, Internal Family Systems, Breathwork, Clearing/Extraction, Identifying trauma and stagnation, Life Skills, Multidimensional modalities, psychotherapeutic work, Toltec practices, nature work, Ancestral healing techniques,  Astrology,  Dietary Changes and Shamanic practices .  I have successfully escorted numerous people in the last 20 years to a New Way of Being where they can operate from Abundance and Confidence as a Spiritual Sovereign doing what they Love and are Good at!

chrysalis rebirth

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