Natural Law, Indigenous Science, Time and Spiritual Sovereignty

I’ve been lucky to spend amazing times with many Elders from different countries, listening to stories and on top of my training in anthropology i’ve learned that Native or Indigenous Science often contains more wisdom than people of privilege pre-suppose.  What has become clear to me as well is that Natural Law, Indigenous Science and Multidimensional Awareness are all closely related.

Grandmothers Law and the Dreaming

I give gratitude to the Grandmothers – and through my experiences with the Grannies and Aunties in Australia and Star Lore experts such as Stella Wheildon have learned that the primordial way, the law before other laws, is that of the Grandmothers.   In some Original cosmovisions the totem aligned with the Grandmothers is the Dragonfly – so i wish to honour that Dreaming.  They say the Grannies predate everything, that the Grannies dreamt everything into existence.  Many of us have forgotten how to Dream – too busy acting, trying to dominate circumstances.   The compassionate unconditional yin aspect of the Grandmother energy is something delightful that we can all embrace and empathise with.   This work is echoed in the work of the Grandmothers Empowerment and Net of Light as conceptualised by Sharon McErland  and the Grandmother energies that have been channelled in the works we have done in Israel and Ireland with resident Grannies Dvora Pearlman, Debra Delglyn and many honorary and newly initiated grannies!

dragonfly dreaming dino damiani

So – why all this talk about Grannies and Natural Law?

Well – in order to create a sacred way of looking at things we always need to honour things in the right order.   By opening here with the Grandmothers i am intentionally giving gratitude to the Natural Order of All Things and the need for us to re-member there is a way beyond Facebook and the mechanisation of nearly all things!

Part of the work that myself and the Lotus Programme Practitioners do is to open up a re-membering of how everything works – how Natural Time and Law Work.  We draw upon tribal wisdom, divination channelled knowledge, the Akashic Records,  the Galactic and Traditional Mayan Calendars, Chinese and Gregorian Astrology and Noospheric and Collective Field Consciousness.   This enables groups and individuals to start to realise how to read signs, decode themselves, how to align better with flow and synchronicity rather than trying to fit in an artificially constructed box of space and time.

Eclipsial Moment of Infinite potential- Melissa Shemanna

We do this through working with the ‘Dreaming’ and becoming Active Dreamers – finding our individualised purpose synchronously while operating with the collective consciousness – As we do this we become agents of change and a better world.

power to the collective consciousness


As we practice individualised and collective consciousness together we deepen abundance, connection to nature, happiness and a sense of belonging.    If you would like to explore developing this, please get in touch!

The ‘Shefa’ abundance symbol as channelled by Israeli Grandmother Dvora Pearlman



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