The importance of de-colonisation at this time

Below i give a few very brief examples of the cosmovisions of tribes i have been lucky enough to spend time with and co-create projects with…


Decolonisation links

Below are some useful resources for assisting decolonization.  This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many other threads and links that could be included, which will be featured on future threads, but for now – hope this gives a context!   There are more resources on the Raw Galactivation USB

Eclipsial Moment of Infinite potential- Melissa Shemanna
Eclipsial Moment of Infinite Potential by Melissa Shemanna as featured on Raw Galactivation USB

This includes wisdom shared from South African ancestral healers, Dogon Priests, Elders from the Sierra Nevada, Origine Elders from the Red Centre in Australia, Grandmothers Wisdom and load of conscious music, art and health advice!  All proceeds go to travel for wisdom keepers to come and share their knowledge and healing!

Origine Cosmovision

The Origines in Australia are the oldest surviving culture and there in increasing evidence that suggests that they are indeed the oldest people.  The Pitjantjatjara people of the Uluru people have been recorded as saying  ‘It begins here, it ends here….and so it begins again’.   A little bit of a foundation of the Dreaming can assist people to unravel from western conditioning and more into timeless, indigenous ways of seeing.

In their startling new book, Steven and Evan Strong challenge the “out-of-Africa” theory. Based on fresh examination of both the DNA and archeological evidence, they conclude that modern humans originated from Australia, not Africa.

The original Australians (referred to by some as Aborigines ), like so many indigenous peoples, are portrayed as “backward” and “primitive.” Yet, as the Strongs demonstrate, original Australians had a rich culture, which may have sown the first seeds of spirituality in the world. They had the technology to make international seafaring voyages and have left traces in the Americas and possibly Japan, Southern India, Egypt, and elsewhere. They practiced brain surgery, invented the first hand tools, and had knowledge of penicillin.

This book brings together 30 years of intensive research in consultation with elders in the original Australian community. Among their conclusions are the following:

* There is evidence that humans existed in Australia 40,000 years before they existed in Africa.

* There were migrations of original Australians in large boats throughout the Indian/Pacific rim.

* Three distinct kinds of Homo sapiens are found in Australia.

* There is evidence from the Americas that debunks the out-of-Africa theory.

* The spiritual influence of the Aborigines is reflected in the religions of the world.”

The book is now at

Amazon –

The Tjurkurpa – Known in non-native cultures as ‘the Dreamtime/Dreaming’

It is important when working with indigenous peoples that we honour their protocols as they have deep understanding of nature and the interrelatedness of everything.  I am prevented from protocol from mentioning the name of the elder who articulates beautifully the Tjurkurpa – Creation Stories – because he has left his body and in Australia they do not use the person’s name again so that their soul can pass fluidly to where it needs to go.   The way that Ancient Cultures see the world is often portrayed as somehow simplistic and undeveloped.   Actually – when one de-colonises and realises that White Privilege is responsible for most of the world’s problems and is actually the native, rudimentary way of being.   Older cultures have sophisticated cosmologies that are aligned with ecosystems.  They have an advanced way of seeing that goes beyond our linear way of trying to ‘prove’ and rationalise everything with left-brain intellect  The following resource is amazing in articulating the something of the cosmology of some of the most Ancient tribal groups.  Please be aware it depicts a deceased Original elder.

Kanyini –



Please also note that the terminologies and representations in this film may vary from those of other tribal groups in Australia somewhat due to diversity and cultural belief systems.


Star Law/Lore/Law



Beyond Quantum – The Sierra Nevada – the Heart of the World

The Mamos of the Sierra Nevada are regarded as the ‘Older Brother’ and we the westernized ones are the Younger Brother (the ones who made a right big mess of the planet!).   The Mamos have very sophisticated ‘technologies’ of seeing and understanding the cosmos and eco systems and their way of life is shown in these films.  The first documentation of their situation was made by Alan Erreira over 20 years ago


and a follow up to this message was made in Aluna


Vicky is lucky enough to have been doing work in the Sierra Nevada where the tribes come from since 2009 and she is honoured to have delivered projects due to the requests of the Mamos and elders of the Sierra Nevada.  Vicky works with the Elders Project.


The Mamos (spiritual leaders) are regarded as the Older Brother in terms of understanding of planetary systems and Western cultures are regarded as the Younger Brother. The Mamos spend long years in initiation in darkness and solitude, communing with the natural realms in a very unique way which means that in terms of planetary earthkeeping, they are High Experts. A group consisting of a tribal leader, (Julian Daza Malo who is pictured here) a Mamo and a Saga (female spiritual leader) and their Colombian assistants and translator are ready to leave their region for the first time to make this trip.

The following film, made by one of our team members, Rick Harlow, shows the work of the Mamos preserving the threads of their own ecosystem through the Black Line Journey

These films below directed by Alan Erreira, also give an amazing introduction to the way of life and cosmovision of the tribes of the Sierra Nevada

And more recently

***There is more information about the project on

This includes information on how to access (for free) a special video message from Julian Daza Malo (who is pictured below) secretary general of the Wiwa tribe requesting global assistance to create this important earth keeping delegation.


In the Western world some of this is also alluded to by Rupert Sheldrake and other holistic theorists.  For example morphic resonance  – the concept that all things have memory and consciousness – ties in with the Tjurkurpa (Dreaming) cosmovision of the Origines and that of the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada

The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature (1988)

Sheldrake also had a banned Ted Talk where he explained why western empirical science is often flawed – 10 dogmas of western empirical science


A need to decolonize from western, patriarchal and colonial thinking in science has also been outlined by Professor Robert Pope  (Australia)  has received many accolades for his academic work and research fusing the intersection between art and science.  He has received 3 honorary doctorates for his work.   Some info is here.    In meeting with Professor Pope (audio will be made available end of the year)  he outlined the problems with the 2nd law of thermodynamics and ‘entropic’ thinking and how it impacts on natural processes and the psyche.  Pope believes we have now moved from a patriarchal empirial age to female intuitive science and he urges people to consider approaching ways of Being and Seeing from such vantages points and re-instating indigenous science as a sophisticated explanation of reality and the cosmos


On the theme of banned Ted Talks:

Graham Hancock – ‘the war on consciousness’ – banned Ted Talk

Here Hancock posits that vital evolutionary leaps have often come about through entering into ASCs (Altered States of Consciousness) and likens the global shamanic resurgence and usage of plant medicines to a necessary stage in evolution on earth for humankind to unravel from conditioning to be in the “Alert Problem Solving Mode’  (western colonial)…


Multidimensionsal selves – Galactic Mayan calendar

On the topic of moving away from Babylonian time-space conditioning and into free will and awareness of our multidimensional selves, there is more info on


To get a date of birth decoded to find our your more multi dimensional state of Being


then you can google that eg Yellow Electric Human and get a full reading in ‘astro dream advisor’



Alison Dhuanna – love the body you are in series.  Alison also is great at goddess astrology and the Galactic Mayan Calendar’Love+the+Body+You’re+In’+Mini+Course&utm_campaign=a9887dd650-AUTOMATION_Love_the_Body_You_re_In_1&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f7f2663b57-a9887dd650-55720129


Polina Outkina – check out Polina on Youtube  – she is a very talented channel and has reams of stuff on there!


Some other useful links on decolonization/post colonial studies and theorists


Racism is a Mental Health Issue


Understanding White Privilege

If anybody would like to learn about how to de-colonise myself and numerous Brothers and Sisters in several countries have many years of experience of working with the postcolonial condition (i’ve completed several post graduate qualifications in the field but the real experience has come through my travels and community/tribal work).

Happy decolonizing!    For more information about forthcoming decolonization sessions, tribal, healing and earthkeeping works plus the Wounded Healer series, please contact