Victoria Sinclair – Biography

palenque 2013

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General Style of healing

Maestra Victoria is a spiritual teacher and healing facilitator from N.Ireland (curandera) with 20 years of professionally qualified experience working with holistic modalities, empowerment and consciousness-shifting.  She has been working with esoteric practice, intuitive healing and alternative states of consciousness and ways of Being for over 30 years.  Victoria is a transpersonal (eco)psychologist, trauma and postcolonial theorist and plant medicine practitioner, working on a High Priestess Level of initiation, ordained through several lineages and acknowledgments and in terms of shamanic initiation and training she worked prolifically in the Free Party Scene in Europe since 1990s and has been journeying and working extensively in Central and South America and Australia since 2006. She is a Culture Bridge for several tribes in Australia and South America, permitted to represent and relay messages for wisdom keepers in order to assist collective healing and awakening. She comes from a lineage of herbalists and clairvoyants. Vicky is currently co-creating new healing blueprint models for trauma and consciousness awakening such as the Wounded Healer series which has been running in Manchester and Ibiza.  She is also in deep service to a collaborative earthkeeping mentoring project with students from Europe and Australia.    She is also currently organizing a pilgrimage of Native American wisdom keepers from the Sierra Nevada (Colombia) to the Middle East

Basic Academic Info

Victoria’s graduate and undergraduate qualifications have incorporated American studies, visual anthropology, Post Colonial studies, film studies, applied drama, Afro-American studies, media literacy, shamanism, psychedelic therapy, Indigenous Science, entheogenic and plant medicine research, consciousness, and Trauma Studies. She lectured for four years in Media Literacy, Film Studies and Postcolonial Culture at University of Manchester and University of Bangor.  Added to her background from an Occupied territory as a Celtic woman, Vicky has been committed since a young age to issues of marginalization, tribalism, cultural identity, trauma and community empowerment.   In her teenage years she was part of Aid missions to Romanian orphanages and Vicky has been committed to work in liminal places  ever since.

Therapeutic qualifications

She is a teacher/master of reiki, sekhem, advanced theta healing practitioner, holds the Munay Ki Andean shamanic rites, and is a qualified counsellor and Dying Consciously Practitioner. She is currently apprenticing Tamara Messenger in Quantum Liberation, is a practitioner in IFS (Internal Family Systems) and recently completed her basic level CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) training .  Victoria has pioneered a new fusion approach to healing through the fusion of IFS and Quantum Liberation to provide deep healing. Vicky is presently completing an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology. She also works with drama action methods and nutrition. Victoria fuses her training in various modalities with the administration of medicines, offering extractions, chakra balance, sound healing, and clearing on many levels using shamanic, intuitive and energy work methods.  She has dieted with almost 20 Master Plant teachers and incorporates these spirits and lineages into her work.  She is also an experienced kambo practitioner, having trained one to one with Giovanni Lattanzi.

Tribal work

Victoria also works with indigenous groups around spiritual sovereignty and healing of self and eliminating planetary dis-ease to nurture higher vibrational being for the new age and evolution of homo luminus. Victoria has worked and trained with the Shipibo, Mestizo, Nauhatl, Secoya, Guarani, Mayan, Q’ero, Wiwa, Kogi, Arhuaco, Pitjantjatjara< Arrernte and several other Australian indigenous tribes and brings the knowledge and practices she has learned into her multi-faceted works. She is currently also working with Celtic shamans to explore her own lineages, earthkeeping, voice and sound healing work and her role as an international Water Carrier and Pipe Carrier.

guarani group photo



Victoria is lucky enough to be working with wisdom keepers and earth keepers globally.   Her main current projects are in Ireland, the Mayan lands and Middle East but she is always ready to co-create when called!   More information about the important work being co-facilitated in the Middle East is here

Creative Eco-Techno

Victoria has completed her Permaculture Design Certificate and an Intensive EcoVillage training course. She also set up a holistic creative eco-technology hub in 2009, ArcSpace Manchester which won awards for its innovative approach and gained support from the EU Cadic Cluster programme and numerous strategic partnerships in Asia, South America and Europe.   The inner city hub delivered urban permaculture, healthy eating, healing, computer recycling, ethical textiles, a food buyers co-op, community events, eco residencies, a festival called Hackademia and numerous telepresence activities.   Vicky also began organizing healing circles at events from the early 2000s at events such as the Temporary Autonomous Arts TAZ activities. She also began the Generate Project from 2005 which offered intergenerational activities in inner city Manchester to predominantly ethnic minority groups.  She organized online dance battles with young people in Colombia, Brasil and Pakistan, carnival events, oral history and radio projects, circus skills, art, DJing and Mcing.  A gallery of some pictures of those activities is here

Event Management

Victoria has been organizing events and activities for as long as she can remember. She was a keen playwrite, musician, actor, director and producer from childhood and set up many initiatives in her home neighbourhood. During her Diploma in TV and Film Production Vicky worked as a researcher at the BBC.   From 1997 she started organizing multimedia and music events  and helping with free parties in UK and Europe.  In 2004 she co-founded Solid Earth, a grass roots arts and music collective which organized fundraisers and curated merchandise to support refugee communities abroad and in the UK.

Project Management

In more recent times Vicky has organized numerous international tribal events such as Eagle Condor gatherings in Palenque 2012 and beyond and numerous tribal gatherings in UK and Australia. She is  co-founder of Re-igniting the Ancient Ways initiative and also recently organized several tribal camps in the Red Centre of Australia, working with senior lore/law holders and elders to share ancient culture and to organize intercultural collaborative artwork pieces, and a healing camp in Australia with Origine elders

aunty and pin

Conscious Festivals, Retreats and Events

Recently Victoria and Re-igniting the Ancient Ways organized shamanic and wisdom sessions with numerous tribal wisdom keepers for Boom festival. She also organizes retreats globally for empowering rainbow tribe, indigenous peoples and practitioners to step up into tribal unity consciousness and spiritual sovereignty, running approximately one retreat per month. She passes on healing and shamanic initiations in the Americas, Europe and Australia. Having spent much time listening to tribes, teachers and communities, Victoria, on occasions, is ready to share the messages she has received with audiences.   She prefers to work in co-creative settings where a group consciousness can emerge and a wisdom flow can be created by all parties.

Victoria is currently curating and overseeing the Raw Galactivation wisdom USB series.

Eclipsial Moment of Infinite potential- Melissa Shemanna

This arts, wisdom, music and health initiative sees proceeds going towards transport for wisdom keepers to key events and we are currently seeking collaborators for the second edition.

Please contact for more info

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