Kalachakra Tantra

The work I offer will be increasingly containing references to Kalachakra Tantra which is a profound aspect of Tibetan Buddhism and sustained in this instance by the Jonang Lineage and Khentrul Rinpoche. www.dzokden.org

Kalachakra Yab-Yum

Part of my Dharma and ‘passion’ at the moment is to weave some teachings between the worlds of some previous studies and cultures visited with the teachings of this lineage, to hopefully give you an introduction to some key concepts and why they may be useful for this time of great transformation.\

You’ll find a few offerings on the Padma Khandro Soundcloud channel and in time I’ll be writing these up and putting some articles on here too for those who prefer written text…

For now – happy listening!

Lotus Programme and Victoria Sinclair

Lotus Launchpad for holistic awakening


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