Non Dual astrology Readings

What is a non-dual astrology reading? Non-dual astrology readings weave different astrological systems in the knowing that many systems are accurate and there are benefits in each.    At this time Victoria Padma Khandro draws primarily from The Sacred – Mayan calendar (traditional), The Dreamspell Calendar and Vedic Astrology.   When you get a reading from Victoria […]

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2023 – Modalities currently offered

As we expand our Dharma Stars School and offerings and i work behind the scenes on writing a book to help people create the possibilities for a New Earth timeline/Golden Age i’m focusing predominantly on existing clients and senior students this year. List of Modalities I’m currently offering (2023) If you are looking for something […]

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Sekhem Mystery School

Glen Lyon- June 8 – 15 2023 Our Brochure for our Sekhem Temple Arts Mystery School in the Highlands of Scotland is ready! We have both in-person residential options plus a new Temple Arts Module for online students. Please contact dharmastars.org@gmail.com to request your Brochure!

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DEATH, DYING and TRANSITIONS COURSE – november 2021 and recorded/packages available and sekhem master module upgrade-apologies about the ‘add title’ wordpress glitch above!’ ● Has the concept of Death and Dying become more real to you in recent times?  ● Has the current situation suddenly outlined to you that there is a great deal of death phobia in […]


Pranayama – the key

Would you like to learn about pranayama as a key to your emancipation? From trauma, from immune system issues and most importantly, as a gateway between realms and lives? I have a few courses running in the next few months. I had chronic asthma from I was 18 months old – hospitalised numerous times and […]

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Basic Divination Training

July 11-18th 2021 OR you may buy the course recording with extra one to one divination coaching included…. Are you disillusioned and confused by conflicting news/narratives?• Do you want to have more personal conviction as to how to live your life?• Would you like to find Truth in a way that gives you clearer guidance […]

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Holistic trauma re-wiring and embodied pranayama and kundalini immersion

The Serpents Of Transformation 52 day Immersion Journey is beginning on 20th May after 3 successful Alumni pilots in 2020 and one public pilot in 2021.    Developed over a 35+ year journey in yoga and esoteric practices by Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair and drawing together teachings from numerous systems and special numerological insights that align the human […]

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Mystery School coming

In these massive times there is a need for clearing, upskilling and rewiring. I’ve been busy studying, downloading and teaching exemplary students for the last few years…The guidance has to be to be dedicated to supporting some very special beings to reach mastery in the field. Now we are getting the signs that it is […]

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