Fundamentals in Energetics

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Join the Dharma Sekhem, Temple Arts and Rejuvenation School in our important trainings in Energetic Hygiene.

Could YOUR energetic hygiene be improved?

Some signs you may need to upgrade your energetic hygiene:

·      Feeling tired/irritable after sessions or noticing increased chaos in your field since a training/session/interaction/altercation

·      Your workspace feeling stuffy and heavy

·      Feeling you have somehow ‘taken on’ some of your client’s symptoms – emotionally, energetically, physically or having ‘not felt right’ since a rushed initiation

·      Sensing there is something ‘not quite right’ with a client that goes beyond the physical and emotional symptoms they are focusing on in session

·      Clients not maintaining boundaries that have been set

·      Finding it hard to detach from the content of sessions with particular clients.

If you are a practitioner in any modality, your own energy supply is a precious reserve.   Energetic hygiene is fast becoming acknowledged as a vital component to any practitioners vital toolkit – for self preservation and for impeccability.   In this 4-level Subject we take you through the key concepts, theories and tools to boost your self-care, performance levels and the well-being of your clients!

This is a HUGE topic with many layers. 

We are deeply trained in Tantric Arts, Shamanism, Psychotherapy Trauma-informed approaches, Energy Medicine and Metaphysics.  There is much to share…but  – important is to start at the beginning.  The majority of harm is caused by people not having an adequate foundation and trying to run before they walk.    Therefore we are opening up some never before shared teachings from tribal elders, Tibetan lamas, shamanic masters, secret yogic mystery schools,  energy medicine and psychotherapy to give you a unique training.    Level One begins in late April and Level Two will begin in the Autumn.   We have additional trainings and retreats available in Spaceholding, Quantum Consciousness, Sekhem Energy Medicine (which includes Reiki), The Art of Non-dual Timekeeping and Astrology, Ghetto Shamanism, Blue Lotus and much more

Basics of what we are offering

·      Learn how to conserve personal energy better

·      Understand about ‘energy leakages’

·      Create energetically hygienic workshop spaces

·      Understand how your wounding attracts wonky clients, situations and initiations and begin to map yourself and how you work

·      Receive strong but important insights that are not often shared to give you a deeper context of what happens when we do therapeutic work

·      Learn key basics in setting up space, intention setting and working with others in any therapeutic setting

·      Meet an experienced team of authentic international holistic practitioners with over fifty years of professional and teaching experience between them

·      Understand how to counteract the effects of the pandemic of sloppy energy work

·      Become a more ethical practitioner

·      Transference

·      What is ‘subtle energy’ and how does energy travel?

·      How to spot ‘leaky’ energy

Our course is now available online and from time to time we offer online real-time supplementary seminars to deliver higher level insights once you have integrated the basics of Energetic Hygiene.

Some things you will learn

  • The importance of grounding and useful techniques
  • Understanding ‘law’ – some universal governing principles that are imperative for us a young practitioners to be aware of to set us on the right footing. We will share some archetypes from Ancient Egypt and insights from tribal elders and wisdom keepers to help you get a context on this – often because we don’t know our ‘roots’ so much we have got disconnected from this important information
  • How to create a safe environment – techniques and insights to opening and closing space and why they are so important
  • Sharing panel and Q and A from Padma Khandro Victoria, Maaike and Kiri on ‘transference’ and energetics in the workspace
  • Insight to the multidimensional approaches to these times – a grounded non-dual alternative to woo woo speculation – to keep you safe and vigilant
  • Frank talking and questions and answers – conducted as a tribal council – sharing important insights into energy hygiene that every practitioner needs to be aware of in these times
  • Upgrade your toolkit session – embodied techniques – from pranayama, psychotherapy, native traditions and yoga to help you keep robust.  The team will also be offering a quantum clearing in this session which will enable you to feel a lot clearer
  • Understanding perspectives of ‘duality’ – self and other. How to demonstrate good energetic hygiene and awareness around this.
  • Bonus videos and reading list to be sent out after the day on themes you have requested some deeper insights to help you to broaden your understanding
  • How the energy bodies work
  • ·      How energy is transferred in sessions and where it can come from
  • ·      Unattached and legacy burdens
  • ·      How to keep an energetically clear workspace
  • ·      Physical health, parasites and general diet and recommendations to have a clearer practice
  • ·      Breathwork and sound for workspace, clearing and sessions
  • ·      Yoga and movement for boosting your magnetic field
  • ·      How to cleanse before and after sessions
  • ·      Varieties of ‘smudging’ medicines and how and when to use them
  • ·      How to be stronger/more ‘protected’ as  practitioners
  • ·      Plant and flower essences that strengthen and protect your energy field
  • ·      When to consult with other practitioners and useful contact details for referrals
  • ·      Deepening to full multidimensional awareness of consciousness, different realms and deep energetic clearing work
  • ·      Miasmic patterns, curses, ancestral and karmic blockages and disturbances

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Course Tutor:  Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair

Consciousness and energy medicine specialist and teacher, Padma Khandro Victoria has been teaching for almost 30 years and holding space in professional  therapeutic capacities for over 20.    These spaces range from tribal councils, talking therapies, shamanic spaces, ceremonies, corporate settings and large events,  mediation, quantum and ancestral work and constellations, students, clients, couples, tribal groups,  trauma patients, prison inmates, young people and non incarnate energies.   Padma Khandro Victoria has spent extensive time with tribal and spiritual leaders, elders, shamans and wisdom keepers globally and brings working examples and an array of unique experiences to create a vibrant tapestry to help you to apply context to your journey.  She has been fortunate to sit with law and lore keepers of many lineages and has permission to share teachings to assist decolonisation and a deeper understanding of Ancient wisdom.  Her  work is  on all levels as a bridge of cultures and worlds and illuminator  in diverse and many realmed settings and service capacities.   Padma Khandro is a student of Khentrul Rinpoche, unbiased – Rime Master of Kalachakra Tantra, Jonang tradition.  For more about her work please visit

Maaike de Haan is a ceremonial tattooist and intuitive artist, with a background in Art Therapy, higher education and energy medicine. Maaike has been working with students, women, children, teenagers and their families through the medium of play, creative expression and visual arts, in educational and (psycho)therapeutic settings spanning a period of over 15 years.

Having traveled extensively for the past 10 years through mainland Europe, the UK, Thailand and Mexico, Maaike has studied with various teachers (incl. Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair) and collaborated with local wisdom keepers and people from all walks of life on projects involving (mobile) community living, art, traditional and modern tattooing, energy healing modalities, ceremonial space holding and earth keeping.

Maaike is a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui/ Tibetan tradition and Sekhem/ Seichem energy medicine initiate, currently working on her Master/Teacher qualification.

LEVEL 1 –  Energetic Hygiene – The Basics.  (10 hours)

This Course contains 5 sections, giving a holistic overview to the basic fundamentals around energetic transference and the first steps to establishing an energetically hygienic practice.  Levels 1 to 4 are online, with a deepening degree of Student- Teacher interaction and real time activities and assessments.   Level 4 is a residential/location-based face to face training delivered on successful completion of previous levels. After completion of Level 2, certification is possible

1          Introduction to key concepts

·      Introduction to the concept of Energetic Hygiene

·      Case studies and examples of when energetic hygiene is lacking/required

·      Introduction to the key concepts in this module

2          The Science

·      A deepened investigation into Energetic Hygiene

·      The science between energy transference, subtle energies and practitioner to client interaction

3          Mapping Energies

·      How to spot if there has been energetic leakage/drainage

·      Mapping energy hygiene levels in the practitioner and client

·      Mapping the energy transference during the session

·      Utilising the senses to look for signs of energetic transference/interference

·      Assessing if a room needs clearing before/after session

4          Preparation for sessions and self care

·      Analysing own personality type

·      Intention setting

·      Opening and closing sessions

·      Healthy boundaries

·      Understanding the importance of the fractal – creating integrity in own body/mind balance

·      Diet

·      Cleansing and purification – both of field and body

5          Introductory Tools to assist maintenance of good energetic hygiene

·      Visualisation

·      Basic room clearing using ‘smudging’ tools

·      Techniques for clearing rooms where smudging tools are prohibited 

·      Summary of course teachings

6          Assessment

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