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Collective consciousness –  individual & group processes

In the ‘Dreaming’ – the Collective psyche and astrological transits – there are often key themes that come up for healing.    Often those of us who have been working on our healing and development journeys for quite some time will go into process a while before others will – to get reference points for collective healing.

It’s kind of like the seasonal vegetable or ‘soup of the day’ on the menu!  Indeed we can sometimes feel like we are wading through a thick energetic soup while stuck in loops and patterns – we see the same power relations repeat over and over again…In order to move forward into a more harmonious state of Being on the planet its important that many of us work on these patterns – the more of us that clear it as the microcosm – as a core of consciousness in out communities, the quick we can move on to a happier, healthier planetary way of life!

soup of the day

Currently there are quite a few archetypes, patterns and themes that seem to be ‘up’ for many people

  • the outcast
  • the shadow
  • the victim and abuser and rescuer
  • the judge
  • the ‘demon’
  • the coloniser
  • the colonised
  • and the Cultural ‘Other’
  • plus looking at core masculine/feminine wounding and reconciling duality within to attract better union in our lives
  • the cynic
  • the inner critic
  • the narcissist and empath
  • the self-saboteur

Myself and colleagues have explored these themes deeply and have deeply immersed in several flavours of ‘soup of the day’, worked with them internally and cleared them in sessions and group events.   Its important for us to move beyond these limiting archetypes and patterns.   In recent times i have explored ancient stories which have crystallised many of these imprints into our consciousness – such as Core Female Wounding and for instance, the Sarah/Hagar story in Judaic culture and how that has rippled out to other cultures.    We have seen astounding outcomes when we work in groups with these patterns – as we can assist cultural groups to move beyond paralysis and programming from significant historical events.  i have successfully piloted these techniques in Australia, UK, Spain, Israel, Ireland and Guatemala,  with the result of communities being able to move on from the past and Old Stories.   I’ve been working with intentional communities, organisations and businesses to explore better relations and functioning through the identification of how old archetypes, soup of the week and patterning is holding them back…

Myself and colleagues can work to help you find where you are storing these stories and how past traumas may be freezing them in your system meaning you consistently attract that drama and pattern into your life.   Once we locate and ‘defrost’ that trauma and story and gain the reference point we can clear the pattern as the main lessons have been learned…Then we can move on to more Soul’s Lessons!   The various techniques we utilise are listed in more depth on other pages

Please get in touch if you would like to explore any of these patternings…


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