Shamanic modalities and training

Many of the tools and techniques i utilise have a shamanic element and i have gone through several periods of dark nights of the soul and deep life threatening illness, alone, where in those recesses i have found strength and techniques to navigate back.  These situations are something i have worked with since a young age and i always knew i was being shown reference points in these journeys in order to hold space for others when a time came that such ways of Being became more commonplace.   When i was going through my rites of passage it was a solitary path which i couldn’t share with others as they simply didn’t understand me – i have learned through those experiences to appreciate that as a hypersensitive empath it is important for me to spend times alone to tune into the field and survey the thematics and sicknesses of society in order to gate-keep and refine teachings/tools and unique, individualised guidance for my clients and students…

geenns archenti flores gracias beautiful forest

I am not a ‘shaman’ per se – i do not come from a Siberian/Mongolian lineage from where the term is derived.  Also i am a little concerned with the appropriation of the term ‘shamanism’ for frivolous gatherings that lack authenticity or true inner work and intergration.   i do work in the realms that shamans do and use many of the materials and medicines that many acquaint with shamanic practices.  However i also work in numerous other realms and utilise other modalities, so for around 10 years my guides have shown me that as an energetic, consciousness empowerment expert that i am a High Priestess as i am here to assist widespread emancipation and spiritual sovereignty – acknowledging the shadows and depths of suffering but being a bridge to empowerment and transcendence – a right for all…

priestess and blue lotus

At present i have several training packages available

  • Initiations into Sekhem healing
  • The Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers programme – which is a year long mentoring programme and apprenticeship opportunity incorporating shamanic, earth keeping, quantum and multidimensional work
  • It is likely that in December 2018 i will be offering some experiential training as part of an intensive retreat and knowledge sharing pioneer project in Mexico
  • from time to time i offer plant initiations with mugwort, yarrow, tobacco and other Master teacher plants – i only offer sessions and training to people who are serious about the work and journey – i am not interested in people who are following bandwagons

If you would like more info on any of these please visit the relevant pages or get in touch!