Policy making and corporate consultancy

I have extensive experience of working with governing bodies, policymakers, academic institutions and corporate consultants and directors.    For the last 5 years while my focus has been on holistic empowerment, i have kept contacts with networks, philanthropists, institutions and decision-makers.

A list of the projects i managed, key events i contributed to and awards/funding that i drew down before 2012 is below as an example of my project management and international experience.

Recently my work has led me to have an advisory/facilitator role in numerous indigenous tribal councils and stakeholder meetings.  I have also been increasingly fusing my skills into holistic packages for businesses and organisations who are wishing to become more ethical, and needing to ‘think outside of the box’.   Packages i can offer

  • pivoting one’s business towards ethical networks
  • Corporate meltdown support strategies – for staff and employers
  • Holistic (including mental health) strategies to make happier businesses
  • Compassionate and mindful communication sessions for businesses
  • Signposting to good practice, ethical companies and change-makers
  • Holistic packages delivered by bespoke collaborative teams

 VICTORIA SINCLAIR  – Academic qualifications  

***Please visit the healing biography section for more information on my holistic qualifications

American Studies Degree (BA Hons) (First Class, University of Manchester) several film and anthropology modules

PgDip in Television and Film Production (First Class, University of Manchester), MA Applied Drama and Media (Distinction). BBC and Granada placements (1997). Research on visual anthropology film co-productions and EU/EC policy and cultural identity

Graduate Training Programme, Salford University (1998)  Training in marketing and management theory and CV writing plus placement in media, marketing and communications company SBW

and Doctorate (awaiting corrections, if that ever happens due to lack of supervisor and feeling more happy where i am)  Allied Occupation of 1945-52 in Japan, censorship, film studies and semiotics/policy/cultural identity.  I also have undertaken the study modules of a distance learning MSC in Transpersonal Psychology (Middlesex University).

I also lectured, supervised and wrote courses at University of Bangor, and University of Manchester between 2001 and 2005 in media, visual anthropology and film studies.  I have numerous years of experience in assisting students and media artists to use a relevant methodology that best reflects their work and process.  I am also a qualified in counselling skills and helpline work.


Professional BIOGRAPHY AND WORKS up to 2012 (the rest is linked to the ‘nomad phase’ i have been in and holistic healing and tribal and earth keeping work

Victoria Sinclair (Bricolabs networks, alumni of Asian-Europe Foundation 360 degrees programme, Non-Executive Director of Co-Lab CIC and Associate of West Midlands Tomorrow) works transculturally within international network development and social/digital inclusion strategies.

Vicky worked as a researcher, freelancer, drama practitioner, fundraiser and co-ordinator of several  creative UK and South American-based initiatives.  She has strong connections with Brasil, and in 2008  researched Pontos de Culturas  (Cultural hotspots) under the Managed Funds programme (Arts Council England) and has written papers on art and technology for the Submidialogia network (Brasil).  She continues to utilise her training and qualifications in Counselling, Reiki and Sekhem to provide holistic projects and programmes.    Her main focal points of work have been telepresence, technoshamanism and creative eco-technologies alongside holistic native approaches to healing and medicines.

She was a founder and director of the fundraising arts-based collective Solid Earth (2004 to 2011) (www.solidearth.org), and of ArcSpace Manchester (www.arcspacemanchester.org.uk)  (2008 to 2012).   ArcSpace Manchester is a  creative hub developing mapping tools, alternative economies, computer recycling and interdisciplinary experimentations for local communities, artists and educational establishments. The main work is peer-to-peer learning and creative technologies along trajectories of social and digital inclusion and open source knowledge sharing.  In 2008 ArcSpace won the Manchester Beacon/Just B competition ‘Mapping Creativity’, which Vicky has project managed.  Activities have included the management of a Futuresonic Fringe Festival, creative workshops and integrating open source software into the computer cluster.

Vicky has secured many international partnerships for ArcSpace and co-ordinated strategy and funding procurement for the organisation.  She is the creator and chief project manager of a new community grassroots initiative(Connect Yourself – Creative Eco-Technologies), which, through informal and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing strategies, gives local participants the opportunities to create their own individualised action plans for reducing their carbon footprint and becoming eco-techno community delegates.   Participants study permaculture, ethical textiles, local food, computer recycling and ethical shopping.  ArcSpace also have a successful peer to peer computer recycling project in process with excluded young people from inner-city Manchester, which Vicky  developed and set up and part co-ordinates.  In Autumn 2010 Vicky also co-ordinated an ecobuild competition to create a non permanent living structure using different recycled or sustainable materials and strategies.

She was also the Co-ordinator of the Generate Project (www.generateproject.org.uk) , a gang prevention youth initiative that since 2005 has worked with digital culture, art, heritage/identity awareness, conflict resolution and improving intergenerational relations. In 2009 Vicky co-ordinated the UK aspect of the ‘Generate Vibrations’ Online international dance off creative exchange between Mauj (Pakistan), Intermundos (Colombia) and Telekommando (Brasil).   She secured and managed a commission for the whole work from Arts Council England and further support from local sponsors and Voluntary Arts, England.   The events created numerous new partnerships and cross-cultural fusions and new works in progress.  In 2010, Generate merged with ArcSpace to become the youth wing of the organisation.

Vicky is also  involved with knowledge exchange policies and practice with Manchester Beacon, the Peer to Peer network (p2p), PradSa and West Midlands Tomorrow (Associate).  She also co-ordinates drama and multi-media workshops with young people at summer festivals.  In 2009, along with Vanessa Gocksch, Vicky introduced calls and concepts for an international water project which was successfully launched in Feburary 2010 and can be found on http://wiki.bricolabs.net/index.php/WaterLabs HYPERLINK “http://wiki.bricolabs.net/index.php/WaterLabs” http://wiki.bricolabs.net/index.php/WaterLabs

Vicky has been disseminating her work internationally since the 2002 Asian Studies Conference in Tokyo where she presented on film theory, trauma theory and the Allied Occupation of Japan 1945-52.  Since then she has been an international delegate on many occasions, such as the INGO African congress in Dublin 2004, Pontos de Culturas conference 2006, Brasil, UK-Brasil Forum on Innovation, Investment and Research in the Creative Economy, 2007, Wintercamp (Institute of Network Cultures), Netherlands 2009. She is an alumni of ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation) and attended the Expert Meeting for Civil Society, Nu Media and Sustainability in Bandung in 2010.   In 2011 she was an international guest at the EU transnational meeting between Slovenia and Croatia and a UK delegate for the WIN project (Women Innovating Networking).   Vicky also has presented many papers in recent years on social and digital inclusion for grass-roots UK communities, eco-techno innovation, technoshamanism, network culture and web-based solutions for creative conferencing.  She is an Associate of Minster Development Centre http://minsterdevelopmentcentreltd.web.officelive.com/default.aspx.

A major aspect of Vicky’s research and practical work has been telepresence for communities as an ecologically sound tool for cross-cultural exchange and she co-ordinated a project for Manchester Local Education Authority to identify strategies for designing several new courses coming into the curriculum, most specifically in vocational environmental studies.  She was also the director and curator of Hackademia Festival. www.hackademia.org.uk.  In 2011 and 2012 Vicky worked with Carcel Distrital in Bogota to look at creative telepresence projects as a new tool for resocialisation of offenders and in February 2012 was part of a team spearheading the first webstreamed performances and interviews out of prisons which was streamed to 8 countries.

In her spare time Vicky loves to travel and cook  and speaks conversational French, Spanish and Portuguese.  She also is passionate about healthy eating/macro-biotic cooking, kundalini yoga and the preservation of indigenous peoples.   She is working with several networks at present on techno shamanism and cross-cultural practice which will be applied to forthcoming works on social inclusion,  identity and environment and glocal awareness.  For more information please contact vickysinclair@gmail.com


Please note below that ‘participant’ means delegate or paper presentation, and not simply attendance at events

Asian Studies Conference, Tokyo, June 2002. Individual paper presentation.  The trope of Occupied flesh in the films of Kurosawa Akira, 1945-52.

Futuresonic Festival, Manchester, May 2003.  Marketing Assistant, co-ordinator of Migrations conference working groups and co-editor of Migrations handbook publication

INGO Conference for African development, Dublin, Ireland November 2004.  UK Delegate and RoundTable Participant for education and media policy

Solid Earth Manchester, 2004- present day. Co-Founder.  Events organisation, marketing and international music events including Refugee Week. see http://www.solidearth.org

Pontos de Culturas (Points of Culture network), /Ministry of Culture Brasil convention, Belo Horizante,Brasil, Dec 2006.  Participant

Futuresonic, Manchester  May, 2007.  Co-ordinator Free Studio Programme, participant and facilitator in Free Studio Presentations

Generate Festival, Hulme, Manchester, August 2007.  Co-ordinator

Estudio Livre, FreeSpace Manchester, Pontos de Culturas and Zumbi dos Palmares/capoeira exposition as part of Generate Generations, Manchester, UK, November 2007. Co-ordinator

UK-Brasil Forum on the Creative Economy, Sao Paulo, Brasil, November 2007.  Delegate, commissioned under Managed Funds Project, Arts Council, England.

Submidialogia 3, Lencois, Bahia, Brasil December 2007. Participant

Generate Generations – African and Caribbean heritage and carnival awareness intergenerational event and oral histories exposition. Hulme, Manchester, UK. August 2008.  Co-ordinator/producer

Appropriacoes Tecnologicas journal. Brasil. August 2008.  Author, Metasubcibertrans

Generate Generations and Zion Centre Block, Caribbean Carnival. August 2008.  Co-ordinator and producer

Mapping Creativity – Just B and Manchester Beacon Competition, Manchester, UK, December 2008.  Participant and Winning project.

Arts Council England Managed Funds, Feasibility Study Report, January 2009. Author.  Hub development and recommendations for Manchester based on evaluation of Pontos de Culturas, Bricolabs, autonomous nodes and international network  and hub culture.

Submidialogia 4, Belem, Brasil and World Social Forum, January/February 2009. Participant , delegate and co-founder of Eco Descentro network.

Wintercamp, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  March 2009.  Participant, Delegate, Interviewee

Pradsa dissemination event, London, UK, March 2009. Participant, paper on Network Culture and ArcSpace Manchester

Futuresonic Fringe Festival, Manchester, UK May 2009. Co-ordinator, panelist and facilitator

Hackerspace Festival, Paris, July 2009.  Advisory Committee Member and participant

Festival of Learning, Hulme, Manchester, UK, October 2009. Co-ordinator of World Food Day, International Streamed Dance off, World Mental Health Day, Online Day and Family Learning Festival events – online telepresence activities and workshops

Manchester Beacon dissemination event, Manchester, UK, November 2009.  Participant and panelist on public engagement, community, technology and academia

Cultura Digital Conference, Sao Paulo, Brasil, November 2009.  Delegate

Campus Party, Sao Paulo, Brasil, January 2010. Participant for Descentro and Estudio Livre

Bogotrax Festival, Bogota, Colombia, February 2010. Participant, presenter of online danceoff findings  and researcher dissemination

Intermundos, Taganga, Colombia, February 2010. Organiser water project inaugural streamed event. Participant in thinktank on eco residencies and report writer.

MIS (Museum of Image and Sound), Sao Paulo, Brasil, March 2010.  Presenter of online dance-off findings, new media and hub partnership recommendations and researcher/residency work

Adult Learners Week, Manchester UK, May 2010.  Organiser of creative eco technologies sessions and streamed and telepresence activities with Ministry of Culture and Matilha Cultural Centre, Brasil.

Nu Substance Festival July, Bandung, Indonesia, July 2010.  Delegate funded by ASEF (Asian-European Foundation) for ‘Expert Meeting in New Media, Civil Society and Sustainability’ at Common Room. Co-ordinator of international streamed event on water project between international conventions in Colombia, France, Brasil and Indonesia

CCF (Centre Cultural Francais), Bandung, Indonesia, July 2010.  Paper presentation of ArcSpace Manchester, International Water Project, creative eco technologies and telepresence work. Facilitator of working group on local/international water situations. Telepresence and IRC organiser.

Arte Polis Conference, July 2010, Bandung, Indonesia.  Round Table presenter and participant

Bandung Declaration on Open Cultures, Ecologies and Technologies, Ratified at Arte Polis, Bandung, July 2010.  Co-Author/delegate of ASEF

Cells Button 4, Media Arts Festival, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, July 2010.  Delegate and participant.  Paper presentation on International Water project.  Organiser of international telepresence discussion and IRC and co-author of blogging on water project and transcription of Indonesian Bricolabs sessions.

Inspiring Digital Engagement, Sheffield, UK, 15th September 2010.  Advisory committee and participant.

Envirolution Festival, Manchester, UK, 30th October.  Telepresence co-ordinator.  International water project and deforestation discussions between Indonesia, Brasil and UK

UFBA, Salvador, Brasil. International stream, April 2011 with Labsurlab festival, Colombia.  Brasil/UK producer.

Casa Brasil and Casa Puraque, Brasil, April. April 2011  Telepresence co-ordinator.  International water project and environmental discussions  and schools/youth group webstream activities with Indonesia, UK and Colombia. Co-ordinator and translation

WIN Project (Women Innovating Networking) (EU), July 2011.  UK delegate

ACT, New Media Cross Border Festival Cakovec, Croatia, July 2011.  International guest and successful proposal for development for international telepresence arts activities.

MadLab, Manchester, UK, August 2011, Presenter – local and international good practice for hub and distributed network approaches with Manchester Free Software Group at Madlab (August 15th 2011)

Hackademia, Manchester, UK Sept 2011. Panelist, presenter and co-ordinator at,


Bogotrax Festival, Bogota, Colombia, February 2012.   International telepresence co-producer and co-ordinator prisons project and assistant at several street-based arts activities and forums.

Ayahuasca Conference – Iceers, Ibiza. October 2014.   Paper Presentation – The Cosmic Serpents meets the Rainbow Serpent

SomaraByron Bay, Australia.  February 2015.  Panelist and Paper Presentations concerning good practice in entheogenic work and therapy.

Breaking Convention.  Greenwich University, London, July 2016.  Panelist on session on integration and peer to peer community building for entheogenic healing


Media works -all video unless otherwise stated

Roxinha favela, Salvador. 2007 Producer, ethnographer and interviewer

Revivarte, Rio. 2007 Producer and interviewer

Oral history with Mapping our Lives elders and Manchester Museum. 2008

Oral history with Ghanian elders. 2008 Producer and interviewer

Generate Generations, carnival history and oral histories showcase and event. 2008  Producer and ethnographer

Metasubcibertrans. 2008  Producer, ethnographer and director http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnRMbQQM2J0

Mapping Creativity. 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q9ZgiLUT3A. Presenter

Bricolabs at Institute of Network Cultures/Wintercamp. 2009. Interviewee http://vimeo.com/3864637

ArcSpace Manchester -promos.  2009. Producer

ArcSpace Manchester – the movie! 2009.  Producer

International dance off project – mini promo as seen from UK.  2009. Producer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJlGzZmcN3Y

International dance off project. 2009.  Producer.  http://www.vimeo.com/9348435

Photos of adult learners. 2010.  Producer  http://www.flickr.com/photos/neeps/sets/72157623853156776/

Includes stills of eco techno workshops from pilot project and community reporting training – both video and radio by Shirley Neepster, adult learner! Producer

Blogs.  2010. Some examples of our eco techno blogs with our adult learners and community reporters in the pilot eco techno project  http://www.arcspacemanchester.org.uk/blogs/   Producer

Waterlab wiki.  2010.  Co-founder and main international mediator

Related links

•     http://wiki.bricolabs.net/index.php/WaterLabs



Website links by ASEF explaining the Expert Meeting for New Media, Civil Society and Environmental Sustainability, Bandung, 2010.  Participant/interviewee http://culture360.org/event/indonesia-expert-meeting-at-new-media-festival/

International dance off promo. 2010.  Producer  http://www.vimeo.com/14213639

Producer and Director, Gambiarra, Brasil, Part 1 http://vimeo.com/11969013

Tricknology, June 2011 (Brasilian publication (text) on technology, ecology and critical theory).  Editor English version (work completed, pending publication)

Gambiarra, in association with Descentro and Cultura Digital (late 2010) (Ministry of Culture, Brasil). Producer

Manchester Day – Co-producer, project co-ordinator and co-ordinator of community reporters and interviewee (rushes available on request.  Final, full edit ready soon)

Tricknology – Book – English editor – about technology, good practice, critical and ecological theory

Communindios, Amazonia -Producer, director, editor and camera

Artistic portfolio of posters, websites and flyers from  multi-media events since 1997 available on request

Funding/Awards/Project Management

Prudhoe award.  University of Manchester UK. 2002.  Winner. Trauma theory, film, occupation and Japan 1945-52

Unltd. 2005.  Oral histories and intergenerational awareness.

Children and Young People’s Fund.  2006 Generate Project – Holistic arts as part of Gang Prevention strategy

Kelloggs Active Living Fund. 2006. Generate Project – arts, dance and circus activities

Neighbourhood Renewal Fund.2006. Generate Project. Holistic arts as part of Gang Prevention strategy

Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund. 2007. Generate Project – arts, dance and circus activities

Greater Manchester Police Property Act Fund.2007.Funding for a projector for community use.

Awards for All. 2007. Generate Project

Arts Council England. Managed Funds. 2007. Pontos de Culturas and Bricolabs, Research and Development study for UK set up

Mosscare Housing. 2007.  Community samba, percussion and Afro-Brasilian cultural projects

Heritage Lottery Fund. 2007.  Generate Generations. Afro-Caribbean cultural awareness – oral histories, culture, arts and oral histories

Neighbourhood Renewal Fund.  2008.  ‘Generate Generations’ with ‘Switched Cumbria’. Generate Generations Afro-Caribbean Cultural Awareness Scheme

Mapping Creativity competition (Just B and Manchester Beacon). 2009 Winner.  ArcSpace Manchester launch and mapping project.

Arts Council England. 2009. Research and development.  International Dance Battles.

Voluntary Arts England.   International Dance Battles.

LSEN.  2009.  Festival of Learning  – creative eco technologies

Manchester Fund.2009.  Computer recycling

Awards for All.  2009.  Computer recycling and oral histories

Green City Manchester. 2009 – Carbon Innovation Fund

MMU. 2010.  Educational technological and innovation films Brasil and translation for English speaking audiences and telepresence activities between communities and universities

Manchester City Council. 2010. Manchester Day – Creative Eco Technologies Block

Co-operative. 2010  Adult Learners Week and Manchester Day – Creative Eco Technologies

Manchester Cash Grants. 2010  Manchester Eco-build Competition

Union Learn. 2010 Festival of Learning and telepresence activities

Manchester LEA.  Curriculum Development Grant.Environmental telepresence activities with Newall Green High School.

Mosscare, Manchester Airport and further LEA 14 to 19 year old provision awards are just in the process of being processed (August 2011)

For more information please contact vickysinclair@gmail.com