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About Quantum Transfiguration

At the beginning of 2020 I began a deeper series of works and satsangs that provide deep teachings, clearings and rewiring for individuals and groups based on resonant stories, themes and often the Gene Keys system.

Below is some info to give a deeper context. Or you are welcome to join our FB group which has blocks of free/cheap group sessions every few months:


From Autumn 2023 we are offering a new intake of Quantum Transfiguration Training for students who would like to work pro-actively with their consciousness for personal and collective healing.

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What is Quantum Transfiguration© about?

In a nutshell – Quantum Transfiguration © is a multi-faceted consciousness and energy based reference point therapy that utilises tools, channelling and conventional tools to assist clients to quickly and safely reach the ‘aha’ moments in their life.  It provides a launchpad from what appear to be murky shadowy depths of existence into higher realms of consciousness and being through working in a detailed way through a person’s blueprint

As more and more is discovered about DNA, it is acknowledged that epigenetics shows that not only do we inherit things like trauma, but that we can clear and upgrade our DNA.  There are ways we can identify, transmute and transfigure old wounds and patterns to actually become a solid foundation for our heightened productivity, awareness and connectedness.   DNA too and karma can be ‘transfigured’ – transforming us to a higher aspect.   Through a range of techniques from decades of enquiry, self-healing and Guidance I have been allowed to develop a way for us to utilise many tools and resonances to go into profound rewiring – importantly, finding our soul’s lessons along the way. Because this is a significant modality  I feel its important to give you some deeper context so your soul and being can check if it is in resonance – so you are welcome to watch the video, or read on!

What is Transfiguration?

An excellent explanation of ‘transfiguration’ is here.  In short- it is high upgrading beyond ‘transmutation’ to reach the higher/highest way of being from a previous situation – soul alchemy…


Experience and Credentials for this work

My initiation into the Serpent Codes and DNA-kundalini-consciousness work

I  first experienced kundalini awakening and bliss states when I was 13 and 26 and now I naturally go into what is called ‘kriya’ involuntary movement, connected to kundalini energy.  Having worked through the dark night of the soul, addictions and traumas, and spending many years studying the human condition from within ‘dangerous’ or marginalised communities I’ve worked with just about every demographic I can think of. 

I am an experienced kundalini yogini, Energy Medicine Master and Teacher, intuitive psychotherapist, trauma specialist and qualified pranayama teacher – which means that I can assist people to work with the activation of those energies, safely and in a way that is aligned with their unique journey.  I also am a highly trained plant medicine practitioner – and my work ranges from flower essences, to tobacco cleansing, to high level kambo work through to numerous of the deeper master plants that I have been immersed with from several continents.  

During work in communities, festivals and activities for decades I  had to assist people undergoing rapid transformation of their energies – sometimes resulting in a rapid kundalini awakening.   I’ve completed a doctorate in trauma theory which has gone hand in hand with my work in marginalised and tribal communities.  You can read more about my qualifications here in this site.

I also have been working deeply with DNA activation and sound – the channelling of these methods began 20 years ago when the ‘serpent codes’ started to come to me and then in the last 10 years I have been refining my understanding of DNA work, trauma and epigenetic rewiring with the channelling of client and event specific ‘icaros’  -healing song.  I have aligned this with my work with plant medicines that has taken me across the planet to numerous tribal groups and gatherings and also the 35 years I have been studying esoteric practice and consciousness.  In January 2018 after a period of deep solitude, dissolving and upgrading I received a kriya that connects through to the energy of the Violet Flame of transmutation – this help to release karmic heaviness from the multidimensional self so we can get closer to the real reasons you are struggling in this time.

My own DNA lineage as mostly Celtic- with my surname and life essence is very much connected to my ‘clan’ name of Sinclair (which means illuminated one) which connects straight through to the Knights Templar who were keepers of sacred knowledge and rites and also on my clairvoyant grandmother’s side I am part Tuareg (a semi nomadic tribe from North Africa called the ‘Serpent People’).  Only recently have I realised that this journey I have been on – which was actually prompted by my Dark Night of the Soul in 1999 actually goes straight through to the essence of my own genetics!   

Part of my own path has been to understand suffering and have deep experience in order to assist others to alchemise their own suffering into profound life purpose.   This connects in with my Galactic Mayan sign, the Yellow Human which represents the chalice for alchemising through the human vessel and consciousness. Also in the Gene Keys system one of my main DNA keys indeed is the code of oppression -transmutation – transfiguration – Once I knew this system, which is sometimes incorporated into the work I realised why I have been ‘brewing’ this work and seeing how it can be done and why I am supposed to be doing this!

The Serpent codes now

After working deeply with the Quetzalcoatl, Cosmic Serpent and Rainbow Serpent cosmologies and kundalini energy for many years, and delivering research on them at international conferences since 2014, in January 2019 in a series of visions I was shown there was another level of ‘serpent codes’ that I had to connect to and deliver to others.  Then ensued a 4 month trip from one side of the world (Mexico) to the Other (East Coast Australia) with many stops and initiations along the way including in the Himalayas, Thailand and Egypt.  These journeys not only augmented upon what I had been ‘brewing’ and the High Priestess and Rishi consciousness I have been working with for many years but also led me to new teachers, Mystery Schools and ‘serpent alumni’ for which I am incredibly grateful.  

I also had a profound deeper initiation into being a midwife in the most ultimate rite of transformation that there is during my trip – which profoundly humbled me and crystalized my knowing that we must commit to this amazing time we are in and live each moment Being the Change as we never know when we may leave this realm.  During this time I also delivered the Foundation Course for Conscious Practitioners (which runs approx. every 9 months) – aka the ‘Serpent Dreaming.   We now have an online course available to gently open the door for practitioners and awakening beings to access the fundamentals in holistic self and community regeneration and empowerment – just in case that is interesting to you!

After a deep activation in the pyramids and tombs of Giza Plateau (thanks to Ildi Budai for the photo of the pyramid right after our visit in April 2019) I was further shown the importance of the Serpent codes and why it is time to offer Quantum Transfiguration©

So- finally – what will Quantum Transfiguration© work with?

It depends….As I mentioned earlier -I’ve worked with so many different people, situations and ailments over the years.   The modality is more psycho-spiritual than medical and does not attempt to replace medical care or to make medical diagnoses.  However when we get to the root of patterns, cyclical blockages, trauma, karma and psycho-spiritual disturbance we often find that physical manifestations of dis-ease may subside or disappear.    The package section below shares a bit more about how packages can work – for those of you who wish to properly go into a transfiguration process there are several plant and natural medicine packages available to aid the cleanse.

I work with numerous layers of your being, the conditioned realm, ancestral, morphic, mythic, karmic alongside talking therapy, quantum work and the modalities mentioned below in intuitive and channelled ways that enable us to tap into where the coherent threads for your transfiguration are – and to work together to get to those by working with resonance.   We all have the depth of the human condition in all its flavours somewhere within – together we untap this to unlock your highest potential.

How a session/package works

I cannot iterate enough how important it is that we do NOT bypass our soul’s journey – I am only interested in working with people who are committed to going in deep to their essence, and holding space for them to do that.  This is why I recommend packages – because we need to hold space for the resonance to grow and for what has been locked in your being to be allowed to be expressed.

Normal steps

1 – consultation to see if we have a resonance to be doing this together

2 – Introductory session  – you will be given some tools and or videos and homework to clear any surface level trauma to prepare you to go deeper in and to save resources and time for both of us  – ie I don’t charge you for basic level sessions – we get you up to speed quickly with safe tools I have curated from numerous lineages and trainings.

3 – Soul reference point work

4 – Clearing

5 – Transmutation through to transfiguration

As each person’s life path, situation and energetics are different you all receive unique packages to optimise your transfiguration

Please note that occasionally we will see in your blueprint that you need more detailed ceremonial work or clearing work which may require ‘deep’ modalities – The energy exchange for this will outlined as part of the ongoing divination and recommendation as to what course of upgrade/healing will be required,

The modalities and tools that  are utilised in a personalised form for your transfiguration processes include:

  • Light language and or icaros
  • Earthkeeping
  • Gene Keys work
  • Spaceholding
  • Reference point work
  • Resonance
  • Intuitive psychotherapy
  • Ancestral work, acknowledging and clearing
  • Internal Family Systems (parts) work
  • Soul retrieval
  • Energetic clearing/extraction/exorcism
  • Kriya
  • Kundalini activation
  • Breathwork
  • Morphogenetic and multidimensional pattern tweaking
  • Quantum clearing and quantum rewiring
  • Etheric rewiring
  • Epigenetic reprogramming
  • Psychic surgery
  • Quantum psychic surgery
  • Violet Flame transmutation kriya work
  • Trauma tools – IFS, CRM, TRE, Sensorimotor
  • Meridian work
  • Miasmic clearing
  • Plant elixirs
  • ‘Dreamtime’ work
  • Quantum jumping
  • Clearing old contracts

This is the time where we can zero point our wounds and programming to become the highest version of ourselves and our bloodlines….

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