About me

For more information about my therapeutic, tribal work and qualifications please go to the biography section of the blog which includes links to some of the works I have produced as a retreat and event organiser, practitioner, teacher and project manager in recent years.   There are also search categories if you are looking for specific themes which you can’t find in the main section.   My academic and social entrepreneur credentials are in the Consultancy and Corporate section and community project location.  In short, I have 30 years experience in teaching and inspiring people to upgrade into their highest potential, and through my own holistic development and process I have now amassed a diverse and effective tool, network and client-base to give me an overview to empowerment in most walks of life.   If I can’t assist you i can probably give you someone who can as I have spent many years and travels cultivating myself, connections and communities to be in service to Awakening.

I hope you enjoy this portal. 

Lotus Programme and Victoria Sinclair

Lotus Launchpad for holistic awakening


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