Welcome to the Ethical Solutions portal!

This newly re-launched site will be regularly updated with news on ethical projects and insights into the wisdom and culture of tribal groups, newly channelled knowledge, innovation, healing modalities  and current trends and patterns in our ‘Dreaming’ – the collective consciousness.  Based on large-scale scientific research AND advice from leading earth-keepers the message is, we can’t idle anymore…So – this website is my little offering ahead of some larger platforms which will be sharing knowledge about the New Times, Systems and Awakenings…If you would like to live a healthier, happier life AND collaborate in your community AND see an end to what amounts to slavery for much of the world’s human population then let’s somehow all utilise the energies to collaborate…

greedy fools no way

In this site i aim to share my journeys with you, and also to provide resources, signposting, healing, projects and products to help to lead to a holistic and healthy experience.After years of organising social projects and undergoing research, training and community empowerment work in South and Central America, Europe and Australia i have decided to share as much as possible of the learnings of organisations, teachers, communities and groups i have lived and worked with.  This isn’t going to be a flashy site…unless you wish to implement that!   The desire is for the right people to resonate and get in touch and to follow a community, word of mouth vibration – So – please forgive the lack of slick professionalism here!   Maybe that will come down the line…for now…am just happy to share some links and stories.

On Guatemalan Mayan New year earlier in December, linked to some fundraising we are doing i was guided to make a recording about the times we are in…and what appears to be coming…You’re welcome to listen to that here!

About Me

For more information about my therapeutic, tribal work and qualifications please go to the biography section of the blog which includes links to some of the works i have produced as a retreat and event organiser,  practitioner, teacher and project manager in recent years.   There are also search categories if you are looking for specific themes which you can’t find in the main section.   My academic and social entrepreneur credentials are in the Consultancy and Corporate section and community project location.  In short, i have 25 years experience in teaching and inspiring people to upgrade into their highest potential, and through my own holistic development and process i have now amassed a diverse and effective tool, network and client-base to give me an overview to empowerment in most walks of life.   If i can’t assist you i can probably give you someone who can as i have spent many years and travels cultivating myself, connections and communities to be in service to Awakening.

I hope you enjoy this portal.  It’s only just been re-launched in 2018…having not had the opportunity to post for 5 years so please do keep coming back for more stories and information in this important year!   Its time to weave our threads together to bring this new epoch and system into being!  I’m particularly putting this together because i am seeing new collaborations and am guided to travel once more.  This is a time for co-creation, so…i’m keen to plug into meaningful projects and communities and to share knowledge of pilots, projects and communities i work with – the crystalline mycelium grid is expanding!


I am available on request for Skype and zoom meetings, sessions and consultations. Please email vickysinclair@gmail.com to arrange.   Unfortunately, due to increasing commitments i am no longer able to offer extensive free signposting and advice.  i can give each client a 15 minute consultation and divination. After that you are welcome, if it resonates to select one of my sessions or a package which includes follow up advice and support.

I am also available to organise intensive small holistic retreats with myself and if needed another practitioner, or larger retreats.   Please check out the website to get an idea of what myself and co-creators offer!

If you would like one to one or group sessions/consultations:


July                                Mexico

September                    UK and Ireland

December                     Mexico community intiatives



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