Quantum and transmission state healing for individuals and groups

Quantum healing

 For many of us, no matter how deeply we work on our issues there are tiny residues that mean that patterns reoccur – things that have come from our DNA, multidimensional selves or ancestral traumas.    As an advanced theta healer I was used to going to source to reprogramme our selves on the soul, genetic, core and historical levels but felt there was something missing to effect full change on our quantum timelines.   Over the past few years I became more fascinated with quantum healing and working with it and epigenetic reprogramming in light language, and recently I have been lucky to undergo an apprenticeship with Tamara Messenger in Quantum Liberation  http://tamaramessenger.com

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Fusing Modalities for effective clearing and healing reference points

Fusing this technique with the other lineages and modalities I hold, for me, has enabled  my work to deepen through connecting with Source consciousness where we can identify key blockages and residues in our timelines, and if the Soul has adequately learned their lessons from holding the patterns much can be cleared.  I have pioneered a fusion approach of applying Quantum Liberation and Healing techniques with Psychotherapeutic Modalities that i am also trained in such as IFS (Internal Family Systems) and CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model).  By fusing the techniques we can ensure that you know the reference points for your blockages and self-healing process and that you are not fast-tracking necessary processes in your development.

You can find out more about those modalities on other sections of this site and here:



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Team of Practitioners Available

In Manchester UK we now have several practitioners utilising these fusion modalities that i discovered.  The shortcuts are meaning that by merging the modalities when guided, we are able to hold a space for clients to enter into a quicker, more dynamic form of therapy which means that treatment time is reduced.  At this time on the planet with more and more people reaching awareness of the need for healing and self-empowerment, we are excited to be able to offer this contribution to the world of therapy in order that more may benefit, and in turn step up as healers and space holders in the new communities. Our team of fusion practitioners in Manchester, UK are also available and i can give referrals to this expert team of change makers.

My personal practice – available for clients and workshops

I am keen to share this healing, having cleared ancestral residues and behaviours finally, to the degree I was wishing to, after OWNING them and learning the lessons they were there to provide.   Therefore, for people who are committed to being the change at this time, I am offering one to one and group sessions after a brief consultation.

Key patterns and clearings:

  • ancestral and karmic patternings and legacy burdens
  • co-dependent relationships
  • trauma
  • pre-verbal and pre-natal blockages
  • addictive and apathetic patternings
  • self-sabotage
  • epigenetic patternings

Sessions usually take approximately one hour but i encourage people to consider taking a package which will include dialogue and integration assistance after the session, signposting and further diagnostics/divination.   We can can do sessions face to face or on skype/zoom, and if you wish we can also utilize other modalities such as extraction, cacao for quantum jumping, training, physical/emotional/spiritual reset with kambo frog medicine, flower essences or natural medicines for certain conditions and situations or deeper level clearing and re-booting.  I am also available to give groups sessions with accompanying talks on my observations as to how these modalities and consciousness and transmission state models work, giving demos and tools to open you up to future study in the field.


Some testimonials

“I’ve tried almost everything to do with spirit. I’ve been a spirit healer myself for a very long time, before discovering quantum liberation through Vicky.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect not usually trusting things that “just take a few minutes” though we were very energetically aligned in that space so felt it was something to try.

I loved it. There were two or three things that were very unerving as I felt my soul was split and refurbished very fast, like opening up the cavity of body and mind, scooping out the insides that aren’t functioning now and putting back something…. Else.

That something else became me. I’m deeply profoundly touched and deeply vulnerable as the outcome of this energy shift (that was to be on time of my birthday) but yet some part of my being is not weak, it’s become extremely strong.

Be aware that in some cases there might be epic doubt or fragments of fear coming up as emotional aftershock as when this happens you are sort of… Replaced with energy for a small period till you are able to graft your new feelings and needings, but the period of unrest becomes peace quickly if you equip yourself with positive thinking whatever happens.

I feel if you have been called to trust and try this super wild ride, it’s good to understand one thing. “You are pandering, but you are perfect.” When you can repeat that before the extracting experience and after maybe too, as that will give you grand grounding after in the following days.

I feel this has been something very valuable to my soul to experience. I get beauty instead of strange out of place guilt now.

I hope this method of transformation reaches you too. “

Polina Outkina

Psychic medium astrologer, International


“If not for my previous experience with Vicky, a Quantum Liberation session would likely have just been a curiosity for me but since I know she has so much experience and is a genuine ‘facilitator of healing’, I had to try it.

The session was honestly one of the easiest things i’ve ever done with regards to the effects/results I experienced….I was concerned half way through that it was just too good to be true but a couple months later now and i’m still feeling the benefits.

There were so many incidents in my life which resulted in an emotional loop in my memory & mind. I would find these debilitating…and often too..! Vicky asked me what I wanted “clearing” and within a few moments of me telling her, it honestly was cleared….I could feel it in my body aswell as in my mind.

I have the same memories, however I’m not emotionally attached to them anymore, i can move on, like I used to be able to. ‘Liberation’ is a very appropriate name for this work.

Vicky cleared so many negative feelings & emotions i had, so quickly , I ran out of things to ask her to clear…I couldnt think of anything else….thats when I realised this work is real….as I grasped for something to ‘Clear’, i just thought of something small that happened that day…and Vicky was literally saying “there isn’t much going on with that one, can you think of another?”….then the words which were “presenting” themselves to her as I thought of a very traumatic time in my life were so poignant and relevant, she could not have been making it up..! I’m a serious skeptic of most modalities out there, i’ve been ripped off so many times its untrue…but sessions like this one make all those obselete, i’m moving forward now…and thats priceless..! These sessions are worth so much more than the money exchange reqeusted…you have to try this, simple as that.!

I cant thank you enough Vicky 🏻🏻🏻️  Chris McDermott, UK


“I felt a really significant difference in my energy field immediately. Followed by a very powerful clearing on both my mother’s and fathers genetic line. I am sceptical of ‘quick fixes’ but after Vicky’s explanation and my powerful experience I am certain she has tapped into something authentic and powerful. Cacey, Counsellor, Energy healer, plant medicine practitioner , Australia, UK.”


My quantum liberation session with Vicky helped me enormously to fine tune and understand some underlying blocks that I could not shift on my own. The session has helped me to see other layers to certain situations as well. On self-reflection I feel more at peace and a letting go of the ‘stories’ that no longer serve me. It helped me to release cords and karma and allow my heart to expand more. I feel more committed than ever to my healing path. Thankyou so much.

Janine – Intuitive Medical Herbalist BHSc (WHM), Australia

May I add to that, that when I attempted to re-run an old story, my body starting to vibrate and almost resist the old feelings.

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