I run a variety of courses.  Through time, more and more information about them will be available on our platform

In short, as of late 2019 I am offering:

  • Foundational Course for Conscious Practitioners (online and accredited) – launching again 25th October 2019
  • Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki initiations and Mystery School (real time face to face) and leading into the set up of an excited new Temple Arts Initiative coming in 2020
  • Mentoring Packages
  • Energetic Hygiene Courses
  • Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Mentoring Project (international, distance/online, face to face)

chrysalis rebirth

Please click on the relevant links or get in touch – there are registration possibilities via

I have a deep pro-social commitment and from time to time I give bursaries, work exchanges and payment plans for people who really need support to reach the next level in their transformation and are commitment to deep planetary service.