I run a variety of courses.

Early 2021 what is coming up and will be running until around August…If you miss registering this time round please do get in touch as it will help us contemplate when to run the courses again

Fundamentals of Energetics Level One

Begins 22nd April and includes One day Online retreat on 8th May.

Join the Dharma Sekhem, Temple Arts and Rejuvenation School in our important course and One day retreat training in Energetic Hygiene.

Would you like to understand more about energetics so you can maximise your potential and have an ethical practice?


Could YOUR energetic hygiene be improved?

Some signs you may need to upgrade your energetic hygiene:

  •     Feeling tired/irritable after sessions or noticing increased chaos in your field since a training/session/interaction/altercation
  •     Your workspace feeling stuffy and heavy
  •     Feeling you have somehow ‘taken on’ some of your client’s symptoms – emotionally, energetically, physically or having ‘not felt right’ since a rushed initiation
  •     Sensing there is something ‘not quite right’ with a client that goes beyond the physical and emotional symptoms they are focusing on in session
  •     Clients not maintaining boundaries that have been set
  •     Finding it hard to detach from the content of sessions with particular clients.

If you are a practitioner in any modality, your own energy supply is a precious reserve.   Energetic hygiene is fast becoming acknowledged as a vital component to any practitioners vital toolkit – for self preservation and for impeccability.   In this 4-level Subject we take you through the key concepts, theories and tools to boost your self-care, performance levels and the well-being of your clients!

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Level One Quantum Transfiguration – Currently running and beginning again in Autumn – please get in touch to request more info

here’s a little video from the course about why QT is important at this time

Energetic Hygiene Level 1 and retreat – beginning 22nd April with retreat on 8th may

Mastery of Ethics – for experienced practitioners who are seeking deeper knowledge from the wisdom keepers and true lineage holders

Other courses that are running around once or twice a year:

  • Serpents of Transformation – Real time chakra, DNA and multidimensional immersion through kundalini yoga, pranayama and high teachings
  • Foundational Course for Conscious Practitioners (online and accredited) – launching again next year
  • Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki initiations and Mystery School (real time face to face or online) and leading into the set up of an excited new Temple Arts Initiative which is now in its launch period
  • Mentoring Packages
  • Energetic Hygiene Courses
  • Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Mentoring Project (international, distance/online, face to face)
  • Numerous Advanced and Master Level Sekhem Modules.   Some are open to non Sekhem students – please get in touch for more information
  • The Art of Timekeeping Course
  • Blue Lotus Initiations
  • Spaceholding Training

chrysalis rebirth

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I have a deep pro-social commitment and from time to time I give bursaries, work exchanges and payment plans for people who really need support to reach the next level in their transformation and are commitment to deep planetary service.