Pranayama – the key

Would you like to learn about pranayama as a key to your emancipation? From trauma, from immune system issues and most importantly, as a gateway between realms and lives? I have a few courses running in the next few months. I had chronic asthma from I was 18 months old – hospitalised numerous times and in a ‘vulnerable’ health group. In the Dreamspell calendar my ‘challenge’ sign is the Wind – which can become a gift if we meet it head on. Having done yoga since I was 10 but travelling a lot, discipline was always a struggle as routine was hard to have…

Fast forward to 4 years ago where I had another life threatening asthma attack and was hospitalised again. I’d been studying Wim Hof then for a few years but had been travelling. After that deep dive, an Ancient pranayama technique was taught to me by the marvellous Jenika Bronson in Guatemala and I then did teacher training with her, plus other advanced pranayam teacher trainings…and now I see the perfection in it all – especially at this time!If there was one lifeline I would share with everyone – one practice that for me has more relevance to our life and liberation than all others it would be pranayama. We come in with the breath and we leave with it and it has the keys for clearing samskaras, karma, traumas in so many ways.

Now studying Vedic Astrology I have now been shown that pranayama teachings is indeed part of my life path…its so amazing when we get to embrace our Achilles Heel and it opens up a whole new way of Being! So – pranayama has literally ‘saved’ my life I feel – my immune system is so much stronger than before, I’m able to keep my centre well in theses times, and it has been a gateway to receiving Higher Teachings from Spiritual Elders and much much more

.If you would like to find out more…1 – As part of our Fundamentals in Trauma Support Training on 11th Sept I am giving an overview to pranayama, with bonus videos and exercises – you may come along to just this session if you wish2 – There are some possibilities to learn the Ancient technique that changed my life as a lifeline through the winter but it needs some logistical attention re your physical location3 – In December we will do another Serpents of Transformation real time group immersion which is a deep journey through the chakras, kundalini, pranayama, DNA and mulitidimensionality fuses the teachings of the Sages with that of more recent findings on epigenetics and trauma work. Please visit for 11th sept info/registration info for our course…or get in touch. If its for the 11th sept you need to contact Madalena Banha as outlined int he Dharma stars info….x

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