Basic Divination Training

July 11-18th 2021 OR you may buy the course recording with extra one to one divination coaching included….

Are you disillusioned and confused by conflicting news/narratives?
• Do you want to have more personal conviction as to how to live your life?
• Would you like to find Truth in a way that gives you clearer guidance for your own path of development and growth?
• Do you sometimes think the universe is talking to you?
• Do you see numbers repeated or ‘fateful’ songs on the radio?
• Are you fascinated by concepts such as intuition, fortune-telling etc?
• Have you always wanted to develop your own intuition?
• Are you interested in things like Oracle cards, Tarot, Astrology and dowsing?
• Would you like to learn from a group of very experienced ‘readers’ as to what Divination is and how to develop the skills for yourself?

In a time where ‘truth’ becomes increasingly hard to pin down it can be useful to look at other ways of opening ourselves up to information to guide us on our path. Divination is an Ancient way of merging intuition, Higher Guidance and languages of nature and ‘Spirit’ to gain insights and ‘truths’ relevant to our own personal path or that of our community. Tribes and communities have relied on Sages and those with prophetic skills throughout and currently many forms of divination like tarot, oracle cards and astrology are having a major revival. The cosmos can communicate with everyone and we all have personal aptitudes for different sorts of divination if we open ourselves up. In this introductory course you’ll get a great foundation to understanding Divination from the Dharma Stars team who have over 70 years of combined experience in giving readings and connecting to Spirit guidance.In this 4 evening online course delivered over the course of a week we will look at:
• Coffee and tea leaves
• Pendulum
• Runes
• Tarot and oracle cards
• Own divination tools
• Spirit communication boards
• Urban contemporary divination
• Business – flying star feng shui
• Shamanic archetypes and totem work
• Tibetan oracle, indigenous methods – coca leaves, chumpi stones, 
• Shamanic methods – mal de ojo, tobacco
• Scrying
• Twiddle finger – body as a compass
• I ching
• Astrology – and communication with celestial bodiesThe teamPadma Khandro Victoria Sinclair
Victoria Padma Khandro is a multi-faceted intuitive holistic practitioner and has been doing divination for almost 35 years. At secondary school she regularly read tea leaves for her classmates and was astounded by the accuracy and insights that were provided! Since then she has been utilising many techniques such as Spirit communication boards, Dowsing/pendulum work, Scrying, Oracle cards, Shamanic totem work and contemporary divination. As a plant medicine practitioner, intuitive psychotherapist and ceremonialist, and earthwork practitioner working with elders and indigenous tribes Padma Khandro has broad experience of working with nature’s message and myth to understand omens, timelines, best course of action and Spirit communications. Victoria has been fortunate to have learned from renowned geomancers and guardians of Sacred Knowledge from several key planetary earthkeeping tribes. Padma Khandro has also been working deeply with Astrology for 13 years and gives intuitive readings informed via her Guides and team who she is profoundly grateful to for all the years of support and teaching they have provided. Longer bio info available at www.lotusprogramme.comMaaike de Haan
Maaike de Haan is an art therapist, ceremonial tattooist and intuitive artist with a background in higher education and energy medicine. Inquisitive and intuitive from an early age, Maaike first started recognising patterns, symbols, messages and teachings that would come to her in her dreams during her primary school years. She would come to count on them as one of the main guiding forces in her life from then on.Her interest in universal and healing symbolism, language beyond the spoken/ written word, the collective subconscious and our unconscious communicating with us in very personal ways, found a professional outlet in her becoming an art therapist 15 years ago. She has been deepening her understanding of and fascination with these and related themes like children’s drawing and play analysis, dream analysis, archetypes, creative expression, synchronicity and spirituality ever since, applying them in (psycho)therapeutic and holistic contexts.In her own life, Maaike uses divination on a daily basis, through an eclectic mix of dream analysis, intuitive drawing, (animal) symbolism and runes, occasionally complemented by tarot and oracle card readings.Kiri Guy
Kiri Guy is a skilled empathic intuitive with over 20 years experience in divination, occult studies and spiritual development. She is a qualified Complementary Therapist, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Crystal Therapist and Life Coach. A lifelong student of spirituality, she is currently studying to be a Sekhem-Seichem therapist, and NLP practitioner. Psychic since being very young, Kiri has finely tuned her intuitive skills over a lifetime of practice, first starting with divining using plants as a child. Aged 13, she was gifted her first tarot deck, and has gone on to become adept in many forms of divination, including oracle cards, pendulums, candle reading, spirit boards and dowsing rods to name a few. Kiri has been practicing divination and energy work professionally for the last 10 years.Times and basic schedule
Day 1 – 11th July – Red Magnetic Moon
• Welcome, introductions and intention setting
• V satsang – importance of divination at this time etc
• Kiri and Maaike presentation – runes, tea leaves etc
Day 2 – 14th- Yellow Self existing Human – with hand ally
• Understanding the holographic and fractal universe. Choosing a style of divination for you and overview of contemporary urban divination
• Making your divination tools – Kiri
• Sharing circle and Q and ADay 3 – 17th Blue Resonant Eagle
• Nature’s language of myth. Understanding ‘pattern thinking’, ‘myth’, totems, shamanic divination and archetype
• Reading oracle cards – Matthew and Kiri
• Planetary service, Safeguarding and ethics – Maaike and PKVDay 4 – 18th Yellow Galactic Warrior
• Astrology, celestial bodies and divination
• Intentional divination or ‘Field’ divination
• Stepping to a higher timeline – being a spiritual/Shambhala warrior through using divination
• Sharing circle and Q and AEnergy Exchange £99 – £133
Includes bonus 2 hours presentation on The Art of Non-dual Astrology made by Victoria Padma Khandro in January 2021

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