Holistic trauma re-wiring and embodied pranayama and kundalini immersion

  • Are you realising you need to become more embodied?
  • Have you been praying for a daily practice and teachings you can keep on with to help your mood to stay robust and to eliminate anxiety and depression
  • Do you want to ensure that if there are more lockdowns you have the optimum tools and connections available to help you make use of the time to enter into the Aquarian Golden Age fully ready for the next chapter?
  • Would you like to learn how to clear traumas and residual patterns using Ancient breathwork and yoga practices AND receiving high level teachings on energy medicine?
  • Have you been starting to gain awareness or interest around the concepts of Kundalini Awakenings?
  • Are you interested in Yoga beyond the exercise aspect of it and aware of the mystical aspect and don’t know where to look for teachings that link through to the more unseen, ‘Instagram’ sort of training?
  • Would you like to control your sexual energy and tap into the knowledge of the body energetics which leads to bliss, freedom, sacred sexuality and optimum health?
  • Do you feel your immune system needs to be boosted
  • Are you ready to learn more about DNA, genetic and generational healing and the ‘dimensional shift?’
  • Do you sometimes feel you are on the cusp of discovering new abilities and intuitions and a connection to Higher realms?
  • Have you been waiting for an embodied programme which helps you to understand how every slots together so you can be active engaged in your transformation process?
  • Are you intrigued by other knowledge systems and would like to understand how to be more connected to Natural Time?
  • Would you like support from an experienced team to explore all of this AND to open the door to the Higher Teachings as part of a real time immersion with physical retreat possibilities?
  • Are you wondering how everything fits together?  Would you like to start from your body outwards, and then receive access to an international Mystery School who have the trainings and initiations that you don’t see but have dreamed about?

The Serpents Of Transformation 52 day Immersion Journey is beginning on 20th May after 3 successful Alumni pilots in 2020 and one public pilot in 2021.    Developed over a 35+ year journey in yoga and esoteric practices by Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair and drawing together teachings from numerous systems and special numerological insights that align the human journey with celestial time circuitry.  This journey is a gateway to liberation from accumulated trauma throughout bloodlines and past lives and into Higher Dimensional Awareness.

Level One focuses on the 1st 5 chakras in the Vedic system and leads on in Level Two to a deeper 108 day immersion that opens the gateway to genetic liberation and Higher Seeing and telepathy.    Level 3 is a year long Teacher Training in the system which enables you to be a partner teacher of this integral system and to share teachings at our affiliated hubs and Rejuvenation temples.

There is so much to say.  Please get in touch for more info and/or join us at a free Zoom meeting on 8th May at 11am UK time.     Padma Khandro will finally share how this system came about and some of the collaborators who are also working to bring this holistic regeneration Golden Age yoga and healing system to you….

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