Masters Modules and new venue now available

Greetings all and Happy Spring for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere – some new courses on the imminent horizons, a new temple/workshop space and online retreat coming up!

11th April – Quantum Transfiguration – introductory practitioner level for working with consciousness

22nd April – Energetic Hygiene Level One which includes one day Online retreat 8th May. This course is really important for younger practitioners as the energies we need to navigate through can be dense and many trainings do not give even introductory level insights to this HUGE theme.

28th April – Mastery of Ethics – fusion of cosmologies, traditions and Nature Law -important weaving of many teachings that have never before been shared in this way that will enable more advanced practitioners to be in conviction of the ‘Law’ and how to have a truly ethical practice

AND mid April the Launch of a new temple space and one of the bases of the Sekhem Tantric Arts and Rejuvenation School…In the coming months our sanctuary for teachings will be available and you are also invited to come to stay in the area to receive regular supervision, healing facilitation, shamanic divination walks, ceremonies and tailored support for you upgrade journey in one of the most magical, magnetic places on the planet…


My new upgraded holistic readings, clearings and psychotherapy sessions have been an amazing success and if you’d like to benefit from the experience I have in working with 4 astrological systems, the Gene Keys, shamanism, psychotherapy, intuition, trauma work and yoga/pranayama AND quantum and ancestral work – then its a good time to sign up as once the temple opens we’ll be busy. I’m still keeping the rates very affordable for the amount of work and energy that goes into preparing and holding space during the time we co-create together. I also will be offering some plant diets in the coming month

Finally – new offerings under my newly taken refuge name can be found in the new section on Kalachakra Tantra. Also – do visit again soon – in the process of putting up some free videos on many of the themes outlined on here to keep you in the loop…

Please get in touch for more info. It feels amazing to finally be bringing these teachings to the outside world 🙂

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