Pre Solstice group Quantum Transfiguration sessions

I am in the process of offering a block of satsangs and Quantum Transfiguration sessions to lead into the New Galactic Spin, Eclipse and Solstice period. Various wisdom keepers and tribal elders are outlining that we reach a pinnacle of the shift we are currently in on Solstice. Personally whilst I am very into astrology I feel that fixating on singular dates can create tunnel vision. I do believe that the quickening is upon us and as new Galactic Spins, eclipses and solstices are always key events and there is a batch of these happening together that means there will be a profound opportunity for transformation.

So – in order to prepare for the next level of upgrading it feels good to deepen the teachings on DNA, quantum consciousness, timelines and multidimensionality. These sessions are intended to give you informative insights into how you can work individually and collectively to clear traumas and come into higher awareness and a main purpose of these also is to give you an interactive community with which to explore these themes that are shrouded by daunting jargon and concepts.Apart from the first satsang which is an overview to assist you to understand the processes in the following sessions, we will have a satsang in each session and then we will work with one Gene Key utilising Quantum Transfiguration. If you have the Gene Key we are discussing in your hologenetic profile then please get in touch – the first person to make contact will be allowed to receive the direct group clearing and upgrade AND receive a free place on that session.

Quantum Transfiguration group is at


18th November – White Cosmic Wizard – Becoming free from old timelines.Satsang will include themes· What are timelines?· Our hidden past.· The connection between DNA and Ancient Mysteries.· More on Junk DNA and programmable DNA· The emancipation from the timeline bend.· Releasing our time-bends to be in truth, sovereignty and free of conflict.The Quantum Transfiguration Clearing and Upgrading Session will be on

GENE KEY : Thirty Three- Forgetting, Mindfulness, Revelation

Time – 10AM UK TimeEnergy Contribution: £ 13

Donation to PayPal. reference your name and ‘quantum transfiguration’ and date of the session. Please note that the link will be circulated one hour before the session and will only be circulated to those who have made their donation in time and group assistants. 

You may also donate to receive the Satsang as a recording.There will be 3 following Quantum Transfiguration Sessions to lead up to the Eclipses with the first one being Energy Contribution: £ 13

Next session:

 3rd December – Red Lunar Moon

An Original Australian Prophecy outlines that we need to go through a mass purification that leads to a dimension shift that begins this Solstice. In Western Astrology we enter the Age of Aquarius on Solstice. These are huge times. Part of the prophecy states that we must get to a point of non-duality with others – to not hold any bad feeling or bitterness for people or we will not be able to access the higher dimensional frequencies.The tone of Lunar of the day is focused on reconciling polarities and the Moon is about purification, self-remembrance and opening ourself beyond our unconscious wounds and traumas to become a beacon for consciousness. We dedicate this session to the alleviation of suffering of all beings using ourselves and our ancestors as the transmission point. We will be creating a portal of healing energy and connecting to the Grandmothers.

Themes– The dominance of the pain body- The association of the pain body, trauma and grudge-holding- Inherited traits of bitterness, small-mindedness, control dramas and dishonour that arise from conflict wounding- The conflict between the ‘masculine’ and the ‘feminine’- The loss of self responsibility and free will through inherited and conditioned conflict and struggle patterns- individual and collective paralysis- Learning to re-balance when to act/do/overcome and when to step back- The burdens caused by struggle and how we can overcome them- How to transmute and transfigure the beleaguered warrior into the noble spiritual warrior

Gene Key 38 – Struggle – Perseverance – Honour

Time – Six pm UK timeIf you cannot make the times you are welcome to sign up to receive a recording of the satsang and be added to the field of the clearing -please make this obvious to Victoria when you enrol

So excited to co-create these with you…..Finally – we are beginning a series of clearing sessions beginning late October for those of you who could benefit from some one to one shamanic, quantum, energy medicine based clearing. This is offered by myself or Maaike de Haan. We are both highly experienced therapists and are used to holding space for dense energies to be shifted. 

Because of the times we have a range of services available which range from short sessions for £20. Please get in touch for more info x

Quantum Transfiguration group is at

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