Mystery School coming

In these massive times there is a need for clearing, upskilling and rewiring. I’ve been busy studying, downloading and teaching exemplary students for the last few years…The guidance has to be to be dedicated to supporting some very special beings to reach mastery in the field. Now we are getting the signs that it is time to bring our offerings to others and in the coming months the deeper info about our Rejuvenation Temples will be unveiled. For now – a benefit of lockdown was that I was able to migrate a lot more teachings online and I am available in the coming months to offer

  • Sekhem Initiations
  • Deep holistic packages and chakra journeys – to understand multidimensionality and rewiring from the architecture and imprints in your own body and breath
  • Teachings on being a Timekeeper
  • Quantum Transfiguration sessions
  • Clearing sessions

I’ve just put a lot of videos onto my Youtube channel – please subscribe if you would like access to more – weekly transmissions, divination of the times and hints on how to be a spiritual warrior are coming up soon…

Please get in touch for more course info at x

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