Lotus Consciousness Platform is launching!

So – it feels like many years of weaving and collaborating is leading to some very exciting prospects for global communities and bringing through tools and activities to enable wide-scale Awakening.   Our international team is now in the first layer of the launch period of the Lotus Consciousness Platform!  Please visit www.lotusconsciousness.com for more info  – we have a new upscaled Foundational Course for Conscious Practitioners beginning as part of this on October 25th!

the serpent litith and the kundaline

This course is unique – charting the story of the root/the base/the serpent in a weaving of cosmologies across the world and back with weekly workshops, presentations, panels, tutorials and an online peer to peer learning group.  The transmissions for the pilot take place from Mexico to Thailand to West Coast Australia to East Coast Australia and back via the Himalayas, Egypt, Glastonbury and Ireland to Mexico – from the “Quetzalcoatl’ to ‘Rainbow Serpent’   leylines/songlines/grid points.  Now they are arranged in a way that is suitable to the timing of this intake – each time the course runs there is a lining up with Natural Time principles to ensure that the course material is aligned with general planetary thematics of relevance.

This course is suitable for

  • New and established practitioners in healing facilitation
  • People experiencing Awakening/a consciousness shift and starting a ‘self-care’/ spiritual routine
  • Professionals from community, psychological, social and ecological disciplines
  • Students who would like to immerse in a decolonised approach to balance their institutional studies
  • People from all walks of life
  • Practitioners who wish to make their work more inclusive and to tackle issues stemming from marginalisation
  • Persons who are interested in a decolonised approach to learning
  • Therapists who would like to incorporate more intuitive approaches in their work
  • Anyone with an interest in trauma
  • Persons who wish to gain a toolkit of safe to practice foundational tools to clear surface level trauma in themselves/clients
  • Anyone who is concerned about authenticity in current practices and wishes to ‘be the change’
  • Anyone who would like to know more about the unified field of consciousness and planetary energy work

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