New Platforms, courses and retreats coming soon!

Lotus Programme is going into a deep development as our collaborating team expands and we devise many courses, platforms and retreats.    More information on here by end of May 2019 and New Platforms launched July 2019!   Its time to share tools for Awakening and Consciousness in a big way!  In the meantime we are happy to share that

  • we’ll be taking on a few new Avatar Earthkeepers between end of June and mid September
  • We have a NEW Lotus Mentoring Programme beginning in September
  • New FB group (pre launch of exciting new holistic platform) is at
  • We also have new courses coming soon in Energetic Hygiene, Transitioning of Corporates and Cacao Facilitation
  • An Earthkeeping Mystery School in Scotland end of August with Grandmother Debra Delgyn and various other Lotus team practitioners including Victoria Sinclair and Firetree
  • The Foundational Course for Conscious Practitioners beginning in December (after the pilot which is just coming to an end)
  • Retreats and workshops in Mexico and Thailand between December  2019 and March 2020


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