Foundational Course for Conscious Practitioners Launched!

We’re excited to be offering a new course which is a weaving of cosmovisions, practical and professional training, insights to how trauma works and a unique format that explores how we can, as awakening humans step into Authenticity.

the serpent litith and the kundaline

Healing and practice seems to be divided by the ‘haves’ and have nots and with a current crisis on the planet of consumerism and toxicity; there is a need for real, congruent, inclusive work.

This unique course weaves Ancient and Natïve wisdom, scientific research, practical experience, ethical principles and fundamentals of setting up a practice with  tool sharing from numerous modalities to equip you to feel more confident in being a changemaker or practitioner.  It is globally unique, bringing transmissions from gridlines.     The concept of the course came from years of field work, training and dreams and weaves professional guidance and wisdom from renouned experts in their fields as we weave through key gridpoints from Mexico through to Australia and back again.    The totem of the serpent which is the South and the 1stsign in many medicine wheels is the archetype that will be the binding force as we weave teachings in this 13 week online course (wtih accreditation add on possibilities).

More can be found out on the Courses tab or via this Youtube link

email to request a brochure for the course x


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