DEATH, DYING and TRANSITIONS COURSE – november 2021 and recorded/packages available and sekhem master module upgrade-apologies about the ‘add title’ wordpress glitch above!’

● Has the concept of Death and Dying become more real to you in recent times? 
 ● Has the current situation suddenly outlined to you that there is a great deal of death phobia in your own or your family’s lives that needs some context?
 ● Are you fearful of death and confused about how to approach it?
 ● Are you wanting to be more equipped to deal with the death of your loved ones and to prepare for your own passing over?
 ● Have transitional phases always fascinated you?
 ● Do you feel there is something missing in the discussion of death when it is raised around you?
 ● Have you been looking for information about different cultures and their approaches to death?
 ● Are you interested in concepts around the ‘Soul’?
 ● Have you heard about reincarnation but would like to know more about some approaches?
 ● Are you interested in how the Ancient Mystery Schools looked at death and how it connects with star systems, astronomy and astrology?
 ● Would you like to meet a cohesive and committed group of practitioners who have been working with death and transitional phases for numerous decades and can provide further bespoke training and support regarding their specialist modalities?
 ● Do you have the feeling that in time you might become someone who works with Rites of Passage or being a Death Doula?

In this 7-part course spread over 3 weeks, we will look at the Ultimate Initiation – death. In Western societies, we are often led to fear death because we lack the understanding of this important journey. Many are contracted and phobic about this transition – family circumstances can be awkward, the dying may be unprepared, and the Soul is often overlooked in modern settings as having any significance.

In this course, we will bring teachings from numerous traditions together to enable you to get closer to an approach to death and dying that is a unique introduction to this important theme, and astounding when we see some of the similarities across the traditions.

Main lineages we will be sharing teachings from:

Tibetan Buddhism, Celtic Shamanism, Andean traditions, traditional shamanism and combined teachings from Ancient Mystery School traditions – we will also bring in references to Kemetic, Mayan, Original ‘Australian’, Native American and Vedic cosmologies woven together with poignant examples from our team’s own experiences in assisting people in transitional phases.

The Topics in summary:

 ● The Serpent codes – Ancient Mystery Schools, Yoga, Pranayama, and death
 ● Working with elderly families, Dharma and death phobia
 ● Dying Consciously – the practice and the concept
 ● Celtic Rites of Passage – The elements and the Last Ecstasy
 ● Tibetan Buddhist approaches to the 4 convictions of Renunciation, Re-incarnation, Death, and the Bardo
 ● Helping people ‘pass over’ and shamanic approaches to death – Gentle Death & Rebirth Guide 
 ● Celestial bodies and Ancient and Renewed spiritual midwifery portals

Please scroll down for detailed overview of topics/practitioners

The sessions include teachings that have remained secret in many settings and over numerous centuries. We provide case studiespractical toolsethical and practitioner information to enable you to feel more equipped to ‘land’ with the concept and psycho-spiritual aspects of Death

Structure of the course

2 hour sessions – With an approximate 90 min presentation and 30 min Q and A

5 of the sessions will be Real time on Zoom and the other 2 will be pre-recorded to give you space to work in your own time. The sessions and course will also be recorded to access in your own time. Please note it is time sensitive and you need to complete by April – because we
will be changing our teaching format and platforms. You therefore have 5 months to complete the course.

Course Dates

The course begins on November 5th and ends on November27th. We begin the course in Scorpio season (Tropical astrology). In the Dreamspell calendar it is also the Worldbridger wavespell, leading into the Storm. Worldbridger is all about transitional phases, life and death and the Storm catalyses self-generation and also in many ways is the mid-wife of the Tzolkin.

There are key dates we are also aligning with which will be explained during the course which line up with Kame Trecena in the Sacred Calendar which is the life/death/transition sign and we will give deeper astrological insights in some of the transmissions to help you align with Natural Law and Time from multiple systems. So – it is most auspicious that in many systems the time is ripe to look at these themes! The sessions will be in evening time UK/Europe. We will also set up a co-inquiry platform that will last until 12/12.

Participation on this course is also qualifiable as part of your training for the forthcoming ‘Space-holding’ training beginning in 2022

For more about the course please visit:

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