The Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Mentoring Programme

This programme is now offered in a different format as part of the sekhem and tantric arts rejuvenation school as masters modules or mentoring programmes – please get in touch if you would like to expand awareness in the fields outlined below…

What is the Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Mentoring Programme?

mulidimensional possibilities and growth

· Unique New Global Course fusing Ancient and Channelled Wisdom

  • Programme to Nurture Self-Leadership, Integrity and Deep Development over a one year immersion of deep, structured and experiential learning
  • Pioneering Pilot Prototype for Indigenous and Western Knowledge Exchange
  • Ecosystemic Alignment Initiative to enable a group of highly skilled and talented individuals to find their place in the new societies, attend key earthkeeping events and to assist others to become empowered and endowed with a sense of belonging and hope
  • Uniquely delivered personal practice, mentoring and study programme, masterclass and event immersion to develop and showcase skills including a large event in Mexico in early 2019 fusing ancestral and galactic wisdom for Spiritual Sovereignty – each student receives tailored advice, plant and dietary and astrology advice and divination to support their individual journey

lotus launchpads

We are looking for practitioners who are already established and to a great degree ‘know who they are’ but require specialist, university standard tutelage to upgrade skills, confidence and tools.   The course aims to take participants through a deep process of self-empowerment that enhances their multidimensional understanding, world-view, de-colonisation process and professional and international roles. 

Please get in touch if you

  • Feel you need an experienced space holder to be a mirror and mentor for you to step up fully
  • Are ready to step up in a big way and prepared to do shadow work, deep energetic work and go into constant upgrading, purification and growth over a year
  • Have at least 5 years practitioner/cultural/social project experience and have already identified and made significant progress with your core wounds and traumas
  • Would like to make use of extensive networks, masterclasses and online, national and international holistic show case gatherings
  • Would like to sharpen up your knowledge base
  • Would like to part of a dynamic team of healing facilitators who wish to be in exemplary planetary service
  • Wish to be part of the change and consciousness shift and would like to work with globally renowned practitioners
  • Wish to gain more experience in earth-keeping practices and learn more about indigenous science and decolonization principles in order to better the two-way process of knowledge sharing, imperative to new structures being put in place
  • Are an advocate of new educational styles such as peer to peer, experiential and online learning as well as master-classes, tutorials and retreats
  • Be part of an incubator and launch pad to emancipation and empowerment in the New Way


  • Principles of geomancy
  • Transpersonal eco-psychology and earthkeeping
  • Understanding consciousness and multidimensionality
  • Indigenous Science, Law/Lore, De-colonisation
  • Fundamentals of Natural Law and Natural Time and the Galactic Mayan Calendar
  • DNA, epigenetics, morphic resonance, soul and blueprint re-patterning
  • Sound and Light Codes
  • Ethics, Cultural and Tribal Protocols
  • Working with ‘other cultures’ and 2 way learning
  • Enhancing psychic abilities and traversing multiple realms
  • Protection and ceremonial protocols (numerous lineages)
  • Quantum consciousness, subtle energies and healing work
  • Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) and how to navigate them and facilitate the navigation of them for others
  • How to make a journey through dimensions and realms to Monad and Avatar consciousness
  • Divination
  • Integration facilitation and support
  • Holistic models and ways of working


Practical skills

  • Space holding
  • Development of personal practice
  • Event organisation
  • Facilitation of retreats, gatherings, workshops, intercultural, tribal and international events and activities
  • Working in national and international teams

This New Global Project has just launched and will have 2 further intakes during 2018.  Please get in touch if you would like a brochure (we only have 3 spaces left as of April 2018 for the 2018-9 intake)

Energy contribution £3333 for a year of graduate level training including participation at 2 retreats (excluding travel to the retreats) and constant supervision and masterclasses.    The rate can be reduced for natives of developing countries who will qualify for a bursary dependent on their means (usually approximately £2222  (Limited to 3 students per year) plus action plan for fundraising that will be proactively and collaboratively approached by course co-ordinator.  This movement to a more realistic cost from the pilot intake groups is to reflect the travel costs incurred by myself to set everything up and laying foundation work with the host communities, the extra admin that will be needed from admin, and more masterclasses, and indeed to be more in line with current retreat and training costs.    If you check out university fees in any country you will see that this is hugely below what less nurturing and experiential institutional education asks for and is exponentially more fitting for the times we are in and including residential immersions and team building !   Within the course i also find opportunities for the students and you are welcome to speak to current Avatars about the course to find out more from them as to if it may suit your needs.

If you would like a full Brochure please do get in touch to