The LOTUS programme unveiled!


i’m popping back to the UK for a fortnight in Feb and am SUPER excited because myself, Jyoti and Natasha have some juicy news to share.  That’s right!  We’re having a Baby!!!!!

The Lotus Upgrade Programme – February 8th to March 19th  (Online course)

In the ethers of the Dreaming we have seemingly, across time and dimensions put our hands up to offer an exciting new online course that has got us quaking with anticipation and mirth!  Really!   It just kind of came to us and feels so right and timely…Natasha Boojihawon, Jyoti Imix and myself are bringing a co-creation that is really the ‘next level’ – in a time where structural change in our lives, systems and planetary Being is required.

In short, its a Spiritual Sovereignty Course – a 40 day immersion and commitment to stepping up and stepping free – right at the beginning of the next 9 month spin of the Galactic Mayan calendar


Well, as we all work with the Galactic Mayan Calendar and have managed to create the lives we have dreamt of and are supported by the cosmos to flow and grow and co-create, we meet many people who are a bit afraid of the the transition phase to full empowerment and sovereignty.

multidimensional praying

So – in celebration of the next 260 day cycle we will lift off on 8th Feb with our online course

Energy exchange is only £44 for 13 online tutorials that weave you through the 40 day immersion from the beginning sign of the Dragon up to the Sun…There are tools to set up a personal daily practice into your upgraded self that build up through the process which takes us through

Dreaming –

Opening –

Shedding –

Re configuring –

Integrating –

Just a short snapshot of what we will be offering is:

  • overview of the Galactic Mayan calendar and how to become aligned with Natural Law and Time
  • business advice
  • tribal wisdom
  • life coaching tips
  • Natural Law fundamentals
  • how to BE a real human and enter into Divine Free Will and spiritual sovereignty
  • blockage and trauma release
  • tips on how to become closer to nature utilising indigenous wisdom
  • food sovereignty
  • abundance upgrading and re-patterning
  • breathing/pranayama techniques
  • understanding the chakras and kundalini
  • looking at birth and death conditioning, epigenetics
  • mindfulness tools
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  • IFS (Internal family systems)
  • explanations of consciousness and morphic fields
  • how to leave lone wolf status and enter into tribal unified fields of consciousness
  • how to deal with Awakening
  • decolonisation techniques
  • signposting to physical peer groups
  • chunky up to date reading lists to deepen the immersion

More info will be posted very soon and you can message me at to receive a registration form.

There will be an Add on Plant diet for those of you who would like to enhance the effects of the work and gain a closer relationship to the natural realms. These are limited due to the quantity of stock that we have so please also get in touch if you would like to hear more!




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