Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Mentoring Programme Unveiled!

Wow – so the Lotus Upgrade has less than 2 weeks left and it has been a phenomenal gift from the cosmos in the power of aligning with Natural Law and Natural Time as a constellation and co-creation.   i am so grateful to Natasha and Jyoti for being the most amazing collaborators as we seeded something that has moved us to our core and beyond – it has affirmed and deepened so much for us.

mulidimensional possibilities and growth

Just around the time the Lotus Programme was birthed i received another upgrade mission – which i am excited to share with you here.  The Lotus Avatar Earthkeeping Programme.   Basically its the sum of the parts of this website and More with teachings from global experts, participation in amazing gatherings and next level mentoring in what could be described as Spirit University.   There is more on the scheme on the Mentoring page.  Please check it out if you

  • Feel you need an experienced space holder to be a mirror and mentor for you to step up fully
  • Are ready to step up in a big way and prepared to do shadow work, deep energetic work and go into constant upgrading, purification and growth over a year
  • Have at least 5 years practitioner/cultural/social project experience and have already identified and made significant progress with your core wounds and traumas
  • Would like to make use of extensive networks, masterclasses and online, national and international holistic show case gatherings
  • Would like to sharpen up your knowledge base
  • Would like to part of a dynamic team of healing facilitators who wish to be in exemplary planetary service
  • Wish to be part of the change and consciousness shift and would like to work with globally renowned practitioners
  • Wish to gain more experience in earth-keeping practices and learn more about indigenous science and decolonization principles in order to better the two-way process of knowledge sharing, imperative to new structures being put in place
  • Are an advocate of new educational styles such as peer to peer, experiential and online learning as well as master-classes, tutorials and retreats
  • Be part of an incubator and launch pad to emancipation and empowerment in the New Way

As well as the link page on this site this is also an Audio file here (keeping it in the oral tradition) that explains a little about the project.  Please contact me at vickysinclair@gmail.com  for more info…


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