2023 – Modalities currently offered

As we expand our Dharma Stars School and offerings and i work behind the scenes on writing a book to help people create the possibilities for a New Earth timeline/Golden Age i’m focusing predominantly on existing clients and senior students this year.

List of Modalities I’m currently offering (2023)

  • Non-Dual Astrology readings and personal immersions
  • Non-Dual Astrology readings and soul-plan work, clearing, psychotherapy etc
  • Timeline work
  • Karma and Dharma immersions
  • Compatibility work
  • IFS and Quantum Transfiguration
  • Quantum Transfiguration and Gene Keys Work
  • Soul-plan packages
  • Day retreats – may involve plant medicines – bespoke for each client
  • Initiations in Sekhem – Seichim – Reiki – Levels I, II, Advanced, Master and Master Teacher
  • Lotus Programme Mentoring
  • Quantum Transfiguration Training
  • Basic Temple Arts Module (as part of the Sekhem Temple Arts Mystery School)

If you are looking for something else its possible that one of our affiliated practitioners can help you so please email dharmastars.org@gmail.com with your request. Gratitude!

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