Venus in Transit June 5th and 6th

Hi everyone.    It’s going to be an interesting time early next week.  There is a full moon and lunar eclipse on June 4th and then  on 5th and 6th of June, Venus comes the closest to the Earth in 105 years.   The effect of the Love planet will be to create the vibration of 13hz which is the Goddess wavelength!   So – this is a time to really focus on loving ourselves, one another and our planet and to soak in the Divine assistance that Venus brings with her energy!     Soon after that is Solstice (20/21st June) which falls on a New Moon and conveniently is also the UN Rio +20 Earth Summit.   Many top policymakers, NGOs and community activists will be joining together throughout June, ending on June 20th to discuss the world we live in.    There are still a lot of disastrous decisions being made that are smothering Gaia who nurtures us.   Therefore we ask that throughout June, from the Full Moon to the Solstice that people meditate and vibrate to support the fellow inhabitants on our beautiful planet and to urge a light-filled ipiration to decision-makers in this crucial time in 2012.    Pachamama is asking for our help and now we have a profound window, assisted by Venus, the Moon, the Sun and the Divine Mother to align the energies on this planet

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