Sacred medicines and nutrition


My mother was a lecturer in domestic science and home economics and somehow i inherited that sort of nurturing gene that understands food as a medicine and can work intuitively as i feel comfortable with ingredients, food stuffs and international cuisines.   Over the years, just as  my mother used to show me from the surveys of her students in low income Belfast areas, this is a privilege and a gift.    travel a lot and am consistently saddened by the dumbing down of people globally through poor diet choices and lack of confidence to cook with readily available fruit and vegetables.

In honour of my ancestors i realise more and more that i need to share what i know and since 2009 i have been teaching groups in Colombia, Brasil and Mexico how to work with vegetables and local foods to counteract health issues and raise awareness of nutrition.    Myself and Natasha Boojihawon, an amazing nutritionist, colleague and fellow foodie are in the process of launching some new food initiatives.   I’ve been organising healing foods events for almost 20 years now and am knowledgeable in macrobiotic, raw and ayervedic principles of cuisine but generally advocate alkaline anti-inflammatory low carb dairy free, sugar free gluten free plant-based diets!.  Yes!!! there is still plenty of choice left after that and we’re happy to teach people how to de-toxify and switch to healthier diets and become more confident around food, especially vegetables without breaking the bank balance.  I can also convey from personal experience that the minute we actually pride ourselves in getting better food and ingredients the abundance becomes available for us to afford it….i was on a super low-income setting up social projects, on housing benefit and working long hours and made the decision to go more deeply organic over 10 years ago and as i did that, the shackles on my existence were lifted and i became more mobile.  Myself and Natasha can work with you on the blockages you have around food using a variety of psycho therapeutic techniques whilst giving you easy steps into personal food sovereignty!

There is more to be unveiled this year – It can be easy…We can start to feel amazing and be the people we always dreamt of being – Changing our diet is a vital step in this!

Alongside this opting back to the natural realm is

Plant Work

I am currently updating this section which will include information about my work with Mugwort, Yarrow, Rose, Dandelion, Cacao and many other powerful plant teachers both from Europe and from Central and South America and Australia.  As part of the Lotus Upgrade Programme I have offered online plant diets and they have been a tremendous success.    Please get in touch if you would like delve deeper into the plant realms – I am in service to assisting you to deepen your communication to these powerful teachers!


mama mugwort

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