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This page is currently being updated with more photos and project info – but a brief outline is below!

Victoria/Ethical Solutions set up a holistic creative eco-technology hub in 2009, ArcSpace Manchester which won awards for its innovative approach and gained support from the EU Cadic Cluster programme and numerous strategic partnerships in Asia, South America and Europe.   The inner city hub delivered urban permaculture, healthy eating, healing, computer recycling, ethical textiles, a food buyers co-op, community events, eco residencies, a festival called Hackademia and numerous telepresence activities.

Victoria was the Co-ordinator of the Generate Project ( , a gang prevention youth initiative that since 2005 has worked with digital culture, art, heritage/identity awareness, conflict resolution and improving intergenerational relations. In 2009 Vicky co-ordinated the UK aspect of the ‘Generate Vibrations’ Online international dance off creative exchange between Mauj (Pakistan), Intermundos (Colombia) and Telekommando (Brasil).   She secured and managed a commission for the whole work from Arts Council England and further support from local sponsors and Voluntary Arts, England.   The events created numerous new partnerships and cross-cultural fusions and new works in progress.  In 2010, Generate merged with ArcSpace to become the youth wing of the organisation.

dance offposter_colour_PREVIEW


Vicky was also  involved with knowledge exchange policies and practice with Manchester Beacon, the Peer to Peer network (p2p), PradSa and West Midlands Tomorrow (Associate).  She also co-ordinated drama and multi-media workshops with young people at summer festivals.  In 2009, along with Vanessa Gocksch, Vicky introduced calls and concepts for an international water project which was successfully launched in Feburary 2010 and can be found on HYPERLINK “”


earth summit mcr big group
Manchester Link Up that i organised with Deyika Nzeribe and Kooj Chuhan to the Earth Summit in Rio 2012 where i was presenting on alternative and learning currencies at the Indigenous and Black People’s Summit

Vicky has been disseminating her work internationally since the 2002 Asian Studies Conference in Tokyo where she presented on film theory, trauma theory and the Allied Occupation of Japan 1945-52.  Since then she has been an international delegate on many occasions, such as the INGO African congress in Dublin 2004, Pontos de Culturas conference 2006, Brasil, UK-Brasil Forum on Innovation, Investment and Research in the Creative Economy, 2007, Wintercamp (Institute of Network Cultures), Netherlands 2009. She is an alumni of ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation) and attended the Expert Meeting for Civil Society, Nu Media and Sustainability in Bandung in 2010.   In 2011 she was an international guest at the EU transnational meeting between Slovenia and Croatia and a UK delegate for the WIN project (Women Innovating Networking).   Vicky also has presented many papers in recent years on social and digital inclusion for grass-roots UK communities, eco-techno innovation, technoshamanism, network culture and web-based solutions for creative conferencing.  She is an Associate of Minster Development Centre

A major aspect of Vicky’s research and practical work is telepresence for communities as an ecologically sound tool for cross-cultural exchange and she has been co-ordinating a project for Manchester Local Education Authority to identify strategies for designing several new courses coming into the curriculum, most specifically in vocational environmental studies.  She was also the director and curator of Hackademia Festival.  From 2011 Vicky has been worked with Bogotrax Festival and  Carcel Distrital in Bogota to look at creative telepresence projects as a new tool for resocialisation of offenders and in February 2012 was part of a team spearheading the first webstreamed performances and interviews out of prisons which was streamed to 8 countries.

carcel distrital.jpg

A gallery of more photos from social and community projects i managed between 2005 and 2011 is here

Lotus Programme and Victoria Sinclair

Lotus Launchpad for holistic awakening

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