Mystery School coming

In these massive times there is a need for clearing, upskilling and rewiring. I’ve been busy studying, downloading and teaching exemplary students for the last few years…The guidance has to be to be dedicated to supporting some very special beings to reach mastery in the field. Now we are getting the signs that it is […]

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The LOTUS programme unveiled!

  i’m popping back to the UK for a fortnight in Feb and am SUPER excited because myself, Jyoti and Natasha have some juicy news to share.  That’s right!  We’re having a Baby!!!!! The Lotus Upgrade Programme – February 8th to March 19th  (Online course) In the ethers of the Dreaming we have seemingly, across […]

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On the road in the Americas

Back into nomad mode soon…Am keen to meet up with people visioning for the new times…i’ll have my reset and trauma tools and modalities with me and open to knowledge sharing as well in Mexico, Belize and the US until early February.   Feels like its time to leap-frog ahead into our upgraded way of […]

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Re-launch of site in early 2018

I’m really excited to be having the 1st opportunity in 5 years to work on my blog/website and give an update as to what i’ve been co-creating and learning and what i can offer.   My life and work feel like they are in a process of upgrade and renewal…and, well…i’m here…awaiting next missions in […]

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Reiki and Sekhem Attunements

I am organising another set of initiations to Level 1 and 2 Sekhem – Seichim – Reiki in Manchester, UK on 12th and 13th May 2018. Sekhem is a powerful healing lineage with connections to Ancient Egypt and Sekhmet and is combined with the softer Reiki, and Seichim lineages in this initiation, meaning you receive […]

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