Holistic hubs

I’ve been working with hub development internationally in South America, Europe and Asia since 2006 and have been commissioned since then to do Research and Development and implementation of hubs, including ArcSpace Manchester – a Creative Eco technology and holistic hub that i co-ordinated between late 2009 to early 2012 …  Some photos of that work are here  https://www.flickr.com/photos/87595042@N08/

multidimensional healing

A team of us is co-creating the Lotus Programme as ‘plug in’ to other new structures and platforms on the planet and i’m now back into another phase of deep networking and mapping.     Our Wounded Healer and Lotus teams have successfully delivered numerous pilots that are ready to roll out internationally for holistic trauma release,  clearing of archaic blueprints and giving fast track immersions into Spiritual Sovereignty and Purpose.

We now have a team of Avatar Mentors being trained up and from June 2018 we are delivering immersive holistic awakening sessions internationally.  Please get in touch for more info!

Here is a gallery of some community hub projects i managed between 2005 and 2011