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I also personally have been studying trauma for over 20 years and have delivered a lot of work ‘in the field’ and with with one to one clients, small and large groups internationals.  I have also pioneered the fusion of several trauma healing modalities to create faster track trauma release such as the work i have brought together from plant based work, Internal Family Systems, Tibetan Buddhism , Astrology, Energetic Medicine, Ancestral work and Quantum Transfiguration.

Whilst i am deeply trauma-informed and have a lot of experience with working with different afflictions please note that if you have complex trauma or have deep PTSD a referral may be better as my work is quite multi-faceted and dynamic.   Many clients may need to do initial trauma work to deal with overwhelm in order to be able to grasp the multidimensional nuances and deep rewiring nature of the work i offer.

We have a course and many tools and mini modules to help you be more trauma-informed or to work with your overwhelm but please do consider a longer term intervention and professional support if you are finding it hard to cope on a day to day basis.  My work is about getting people more deeply on their trauma path and as such people need to have reached a degree of mobilisation, dedication and self awareness for me to find the capacity to work with them because i have many concurrent responsibilities.

Please get in touch with for a 15 min consultation if you wish to explore possibilities with us.

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Trauma Course


Also at


Are you wishing to have more understanding of trauma-informed approaches, tools and modalities?

Would you like to dip your toe in to gain a larger holistic understanding of different modalities before deciding to specialise?

Would you like to gain a steady understanding so that you can get your head round things and be supported by experienced practitioners…?

Would you like to be more trauma-informed, be able to offer bridge tools for those in need?

Would you like to have a decent foundation in numerous trauma modalities in order to have a multidimensional and responsible approach to giving referrals to clients in need plus to understand and work with your own issues?

Due to the times we are in, most people have experienced some form of trauma in their life. Some would say we live on a trauma planet and indeed many people remain dislocated from the Higher Potential because of unresolved Core traumas.

In this course, we offer an overview to numerous trauma-informed therapies, tools and approaches to give you a multi-layered understanding of how trauma can be tackled from different vantage points and with diverse client needs. The course is intended as an overview to help practitioners and those interested in working through their own wounds to gain a basic understanding of trauma, to work on themselves AND to tune into what form of professional training they might seek in the future.

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It includes pre-recorded teachings on many key therapeutic modalities for dealing with trauma plus real time tutorials and mapping of its multidimensional components. 

Students will get to learn how to bridge for overwhelmed clients while they seek referrals and basic insights as to how to gauge trauma in others and self. There will be deep weaving of the concepts within trauma work to enable students to work in a lateral and informed way to help to support out communities at this time.

It is a valuable bridging tool in exemplary circumstances and does not substitute full training in a specific discipline or qualification.

Video about the course:


This is a 3-month intensive Fundamentals in Trauma Informed training tools and referral programme.

This course includes pre-recorded teachings on many key therapeutic modalities for dealing with trauma plus real time tutorials and mapping of its multidimensional components. 


Pranayama, EFT, TRE, Psoas Muscle, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma Mapping, CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model), Tantric Buddhism – Kalachakra and Trauma theory

4 REAL-TIME SUPERVISION (only available if you do the real-time course that runs approx every 18 months):

– The multidimensionality of trauma;

– Discerning trauma in clients and communities;

– Referrals and bridge tools;

– Final consolidation session.

ONLINE SHARING FORUM (for real time students)

You will be invited to share insights, experience and ask questions on our interactive Mighty Networks forum while in study mode.  

This also gives you free access to the Dharma Stars channel for one year and you’ll be kept informed there of our exciting projects, initiations, courses and retreats.

Participants will also occasionally receive bonus presentations and signposting to enable them to gain a more holistic view, especially of the teachings of Victoria Padma Khandro. Extra resources you are likely to receive are other practice videos, related teaching materials and signposting to practitioners who offer affordable teaching, therapy or workshops on the related subject.

Therefore there are supplementary free transmissions for interested participants in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and Trauma-informed therapy that you may find helpful in working through a radical psychology of the mind while undertaking the course.

You will be included in an intentional mindstream for your highest outcomes during the gestation and can expect to see a quickening in your own development as you will not only be in a nurturing learning environment but also in a psycho-spiritual space for quickening your progress.

We will be able to set up referrals and sessions with PKV and other experienced practitioner if you require these.


Building upon the teachings in the pre-recorded sessions from last year, we are offering some extra real time tutorials for students to gain confidence in spotting trauma, offering basic tools for bridge level support and knowing how and when to refer a client.


Recorded Sessions – Approximately 15 hours of material

Real time sessions – Approximately 8 hours of attendance/watching recorded material

Applied thought and study in own time and on Mighty Networks – 6 hours (to ensure you really understand the themes)



Victoria Padma Khandro grew up in N.Ireland during the Troubles and this catalysed her passion and interest for alleviation of suffering through trauma from a young age. She began international aid in Romanian orphanages from 17 and teaching children in deprived areas from 18. Her academic studies were focused deeply on cultures of inequality and led through a PGDip and MA to a doctorate with a major focus on trauma theory. Somewhat disillusioned with the ‘ivory tower’ Victoria had been studying counselling and energy medicine whilst working with refugee groups during her doctorate time and she soon left the University setting to set up an NGO focusing on fundraising through arts events to provide funding for displaced peoples.

Victoria Padma Khandro then project managed, secured funding and co-ordinated numerous innovative projects in inner city areas, prisons, gang areas, favelas etc from UK to Americas, learning greatly about the human condition and different forms of trauma and suffering throughout her 13 year period of deep nomadism. She has also trained professionally in numerous trauma-informed modalities including IFS, CRM, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine and Counselling. She also took an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology with specialism in indigenous science, shamanism, eco-psychology, consciousness studies and psychedelic therapy.

In 2016 she pioneered the Wounded Healer Trauma Healing Blueprint in Manchester with a wide array of holistic practitioners and psychotherapists. In recent years Padma Khandro has been deepening a holistic integrated practice with clients and students to enable them to gain inner autonomy and insight around how their systems work which covers basic trauma insights, shamanic, ancestral and quantum work to high multidimensional teachings. Padma Khandro is a practitioner of Kalachakra Tantra – Highest Yoga Tantra for World Peace, studying with Khentrul Rinpoche and the Dzokden organisation, and this also factors deeply in the teachings and messages she shares.

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Angelita has a passion for working with young children to empower them to be emotionally resilient and better able to deal with the energies and stresses of today. With an interest in assisting families to be trauma aware and ultimately trauma free, she has studied the effects of ACES on the mind, body and spirit.

Angelita Woosnam is a holistic practitioner, Reiki Master teacher, community worker and workshop facilitator living in North West England.

She has lived experience of childhood domestic violence and the resulting trauma has given her insights into the impact of trauma on the affected individual physically, emotionally and mentally.

With over 20 years accumulated knowledge Angelita delivers workshops intended to raise awareness of the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind thereby equipping participants with tools to help them to be stress and trauma free.

She is a qualified Mental Health First Aider, an Effective Listener and has just completed a course in understanding ACES in relation to childhood development.


Christian Platts has been a practicing body worker for 20 years and has taught thousands of students over the years in the profound control the Psoas can have on the body and the mind.


Dr Adrian Hekel, is GP Counselor, a Trauma Specialist in different trauma healing modalities and also a Kalachakra Tantra senior student. If you’d like to know more of his work and/or you’re interested in some modalities he offers, Dr Adrian Hekel gives online sessions every saturday afternoon australia time, please get in touch with him via his website: or via email:


Attending for first time: £222 – £255 for the full programme.

If you attended 2021 intake: you may do this ‘add on’ for a supplementary rate and join a whole new constellation of practitioners to deepen your holistic knowledge, please get in touch to know more info.

You can opt in for a singular teaching as well, please do get in touch to know more about this option.


For registration please contact us at

If you wish to take part in the Real time intake of this course in 2023 you need to register by 8th February so that you have enough time to keep up.


We will accept payment plans. Please contact Madalena at to set this up. You will be required to keep her updated as to your timely payment dates.

Please note that proceeds from this course that exceed the base covering of costs will go to supporting the creation of a Dharma Stars Rejuvenation Temple for healing and rehabilitation.

If uptake of the course is substantial and you are benefitting from it we have an option to run it as an accreditation in future times. Your registration this time will be possible to carry over and for you to pay an upgrade fee to cover extra tuition, marking and accreditation costs.


– Payments to Bank – Natwest – Ethical Solutions – 46109854 – 010657 OR paypal

– Payment details ‘your name’ and ‘course’ and then if on Payment plan write ‘1’ etc if it’s your first payment and so forth so we can easily keep track of your contributions

Please understand that we are to receive the full value – transaction fees are your responsibility.

If paying with PayPal, please select ‘Friends and Family’ option.


We look forward to sharing these teachings and modalities with you at this important time!

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