Addictions, ‘dis-ease’ and emotional rebalancing

Waking up, detoxifying and re-balancing

At the present moment there is a large-scale awakening taking place where many people feel they are no longer suited to being conditioned to adhere to imposed times and spaces for doing things in.  For many years people have been self-medicating to make the conditioned existence more bearable, or escaping from traumas that they have held since childhood, in the womb, or even carried through for their ancestors.   Increasingly people are wishing to walk away from addictive tendencies but it can take a while to nurture the self-love and direction to complete these processes.

loving yourself
Journeying to a higher plane

I’ve come from a background where i partied quite a bit in my younger years and whilst i am so grateful for the training ground that was the social scene…more and more it started to feel empty to me – that i was needing something else to feel nourished, that small talk wasn’t for me – and i observed and stripped away the reasons behind that more outgoing self – the lack of self-worth from quite a lot of chastisement as a child, the family traumas, the legacy of growing up in Belfast during civil war and religious strife.    I’ve unravelled and gone through many dark nights of the soul and initiations, worked in trauma zones all round the world and lived in inner city ‘ghetto’ areas in many developed and developing countries…and i charted the reference points of my journey, as somehow, in that process, i knew there would be tools and techniques to assist others in similar processes.   It was very clear to me that what i experienced in my ‘growing up; (which is still continuing) was something that many people would go through.  Dis-ease and addictions occurring from western living can actually be cured reasonably easy and without huge pain and torment.  The shackles are non-existent if we decide we are to be free…once we begin to decide that – to opt in for our Higher Purpose and actually have enough self love to decide to do what we LOVE and what we are GOOD at – then everything is possible!   We now have teams who can assist anyone to explore Who they are, and their upgraded purpose – once we know that, often, the reasons to Opt In and to align with nature and our communities without physical or emotional hindrances is relieved.


I work with practitioners , teams and projects around the world who have been working with alleviating addiction, distress and dis-ease for many years…we do retreats, have upgrade discos, and can develop unique packages for groups and individuals.  We have bodyworkers, psychotherapists, shamans, nutritionists, yoga teachers, chefs, life coaches, trauma specialists, mindfulness experts, rehab specialists and many more all working together.  Over the past 5 years we have been delivering workshops and pilots together

We/I work with numerous tools – natural medicines, shamanic techniques, life skills coaching and therapy to work with addictions and dis-ease.    I have treated people from many walks of life  – the business realm,   gang-land, indigenous communities, sex-workers, young people, celebrities etc.    We are in a profound shift at this time where being in confined institutions or congested cities is becoming intolerable for many, whether they are overtly conscious of it or not…Many people also carry traumas from childhood…or indeed more and more we see that people bring through the pain and suffering of their ancestors…we work with all these sorts of traumas.   We can offer a bespoke empowerment package for your needs, helping you to identify where causes of dis-ease are from, and an ideal strategy and modalities to incorporate.

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Personally I have been studying and working with trauma and planetary dis-ease in all walks of life since 2000 and have treated over 1000 people.   Added to that is many years living and working in inner city areas and travelling as a nomad…I’ve heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of things!

and here are some of the tools and modalities i use

Kambo – frog medicine

kambo frogs

Kambo assists us to work from the heart, in our true vibrational frequency and is useful for purification and clearing depression/anxiety/fatigue/addictions and numerous physical ailments and dis-eases.  This is a full reset experience and can assist us get our lives back on track and into alignment in the most amazing way.   It can generally be seen to clear body mind and spirit of chronic influences which can lead to better all round well-being. More info can be found here:

Experience, specialisms and pioneering work

I have been taking kambo for 10 years now and administering it for over five, having completed two dietas to get deeply acquainted with the spirit of the medicine and one to one upgrade training with Maestro Giovanni Lattanzi who is known as one of the pioneer practitioners to fuse the work with TCM and auricular points.   I work intuitively, with meridian points, traditional techniques and when required, with auricular style, working deeply with the frog spirit for guidance.  In 2016 i was commissioned to undertake new work with indigenous groups in Australia and researching community rehabilitation programmes which utilize the sacred frog as a key component in the work which is tackling addiction, abuse, cultural trauma and hopelessness.

I’ve also pioneered new ways of working with kambo to create a more holistic upgrading blueprint by fusing it with liquid tobacco,  Quantum Liberation technique (to eliminate residues in the ancestral, past life, conditioned and other fields) and IFS (internal family systems).  This unique blend means that clients as spiritual sovereigns can expect a higher degree of clearing and resetting, because in these Self-led sessions they choose what layers of dis-ease, conditioning and residual patterns they are ready to upgrade from to reach their higher potential

My training in various modalities is fused with the administration of the medicine, offering extractions, chakra balance, sound healing, and clearing on many levels using shamanic and energy work methods.   Recent transmissions from the frog have given me a new insight into working with

  • Trauma
  • Ancestral healing
  • Awakening innate seeing abilities
  • Removing residues from vaccinations
  • Utilising sound and channeled icaros to work on a multi-dimensional level with the emotions or dis-eases that are cleared or intentions that are being called in
  • Quantum Liberation healing – adding in Quantum Liberation healing technique to effect even more holistic change in residual patterns in clients’ lives
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems – talking to the ‘parts’ of us that sometimes are overworking and taking us out of a harmonious state due to past traumas)

A session is much more than a clinical application of the kambo points.   Through my work as a shamanic practitioner, energy worker and conduit for the frog,  i am guided to work beyond the physical level.   As a qualified Master of energy work and extraction methods from several lineages, i am able, with the guidance of the frog to assist the removal of dense energies, entities, parasites, and imbalances that may lead to illness in a safe and effective way and to provide counsel in numerous realms to assist client’s to call in a potent self-healing process.

kermit vomit toilet

Having held hundreds of treatment and ceremonies of different sort internationally, spiritual hygiene is a primary concern and therefore, throughout the session there are numerous protection rituals, smudging, intention setting and clearings that take place to ensure that deep work can be accomplished.  Therefore the session is not ‘quick’ while the treatment may be, because a thorough session will shift deep programmes and illnesses, and therefore, much attention is given to intentionality and de-patterning.

It is not advisable however, to see a single treatment as a ‘quick fix’ to serious conditions and giving kambo in such a holistic way means a lot of energy is channeled by the practitioner.   If you are requiring deep level extraction, high level exorcism or work with a chronic condition, you may be advised to seek medical or other attention.   Therefore there will be a degree of contracting up with the client and consultation as to what degree of work can be undertaken on the first session, and what subsequent modalities and treatment should be sought.

Each session is different as I works closely with the energy of the day to ensure we are aligning with Natural law and Natural Time to enter into a quantum healing space.  I often incorporate different plant teachers, healing modalities or forms of intention setting depending on the outcome of divination.

Sessions are different costs depending on location and the modalities being incorporated on the day plus if there is a need for expert extraction work and deeper clearing.  I also have bursary  and reduced rate schemes for persons from non privileged backgrounds.   Generally a session requires exchange to the value of between £50 and £80 (UK),  60-90 Euros.  I generally work in small groups of around 4 participants.


Re-orientation and purpose finding sessions

Quantum Healing

For identifying soul’s lessons, residues and de-conditioning ancestral and past -life patterns

Energy work and clearings


Wounded Healer workshops

There is more about the Wounded Healer programme in the Trauma section


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